Creating Curiosity

A collaboration between Singapore Repertory Theatre and KidsSTOP™

Specialists in arts integration and science from Singapore Repertory Theatre and KidsSTOP™ collaborate to bring you an immersive learning experience!


Creativity and curiosity are at the heart of scientific investigation and artistic creation. In this unique workshop, children will follow our specialists on an interactive narrative and learn science concepts through hands-on activities that integrate drama, dance and music strategies.


Come and act, sing, and dance your way through the core curriculum while meeting learning objectives through holistic classroom practice.


Creating Curiosity is tailored for children ages 3 – 6.


Due to COVID-19 restrictions, a digital format of the programme has been made available for booking.  

In-classroom Programmes

  • Chasing Light

    Oh no! A shadow has escaped!

    Join us on an adventure to learning about light and complete the quest to find the missing shadow!

    Children will learn the science behind shadow play through creative drama narratives and hands-on activities. In this workshop, they will also understand terms such as “opaque”, “translucent” and “transparent”. What’s more they will get to make their own suncatcher too!

    Note: This is an in-classroom workshop. Please ensure that a classroom is made available for this session

    Price: $22/ student (min. 20 students)
    Duration: 60 mins

    Note: Receive a complimentary session of Growing Greens (Digital) with purchase of Chasing Light workshop. Refer to Growing Greens for more information on the workshop.

Digital Programmes

  • Growing Greens

    A sneak peek into the digital workshop

    Are all things green the same? Venture into the world of plants with us to help uncover the identity of Flora the Plant! 

    Be immersed in role-playing and discover more about the different plant parts, functions and characteristics of our green friends! Children will also get to create their very own planter whilst learning the important factors of what makes plants grow!

    In this digital workshop, children will follow an interactive narrative through a series of videos for an immersive watch-along-and-learn session. The programme will include:

    • Introduction and Warm-Up (Video)
    • Main Storyline (Video)
    • A guide to the hands-on activity (Video)
    • A Science box with materials

    Duration: Approx. 40 mins
    Price: $18/ student (min. 20 students)

    The Science box will be mailed to school within 5 – 7 working days after confirmation.

How to book


You may book our programmes via the online portal here


For more information on Outreach bookings, please email us at