As we return to Phase 2 (Heightened Alert) Measures starting from 22 July to 18 August 2021, group sizes will be reduced to a maximum of 2 persons.

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STEAM Festival for Young Learners 2020

The 2nd annual STEAM Festival promises a great line-up of fun-filled activities that will ignite your child's creativity while encouraging parent-child bonding!


Chasing Dreams

This Children’s Day, join us virtually from home or at KidsSTOP™ as we dream up the craziest ideas and explore endless possibilities! To our future movers and shakers - the sky is the limit!

View STEAM Festival 2020 Schedule

How to participate?

1. Up for a challenge?

Purchase any of the festival passports*, accomplish the missions and get rewarded! Recommended for children aged 3 years old and above.


*Missions in the Explorer passport will include some of the activities stated under All-access.


STEAM Festival 2020 (Explorer Passport)


Voyager Passport (On-site)


STEAM Festival 2020 (All In Passport)                    BUY THE STEAM FESTIVAL PASSPORTS NOW! 


2. Prefer to set your own pace? Find out more in the tabs below!

  • Virtual STEAM Library (All-access)

    The Virtual STEAM Library is a curation of activities that encapsulate the learning of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics through active and meaningful engagement. These resources aim to provide useful guidelines and suggestions for parents and educators in STEAM education.


    Take a peep into the STEAM approaches adopted by preschools in Singapore! Just click on the Preschool’s STEAM Initiatives' link below!

    Healthy body_happy meHealthy Body, Happy Me

    Nature explorer_STEAM LIbraryNature Explorer

    Little Movers_STEAM LIbraryLittle Movers

    Music makers_STEAM LIbraryMusic Makers

    Planet protector_ STEAM LIbraryPlanet Protector

    Preschool steam initiatives

    Preschool's STEAM Initiatives

  • Virtual Stage (All-access)

    Learn STEAM and bond with your child through a series of engaging participatory shows. Shows will be streamed on the Festival FB Event page during the scheduled time-slots. 


    Each session consists of various STEAM components presented through songs, drama and a pre-show DIY craft-making activity. Use your personalised creations to participate in these sessions! The instruction manual to the pre-show craft-making will be made available from September onwards.


    Join us at the following time slots:

    Virtual Stage- Colour Your World!


    Join our little mouse friends as they embark on a colourful adventure! Through this interactive storytelling session, children will learn more about camouflage and colour mixing.

    Download pre-show craft Colour Your World.


    Virtual Stage- Shake that Beat!


    Follow Belle and Max to explore sounds through fun activities and sing-along sessions! Tap, shake and tinker with everyday objects to find out how sounds are produced.

    Download pre-show craft Shake that Beat.

    Virtual Stage- Alex and the Squad



    In a world where science, technology, engineering and mathematics have taken the world by storm, we seem to have forgotten the one thing that has made learning fun and engaging: the Arts. Join Alex and his squad on an exciting journey to save the magical characters and discover the importance of the arts!

    Download pre-show craft Alex and the Squad.

  • Virtual Hangout (All-access)

    Grab your best seat and join us at the Virtual Hangout as we exchange perspectives on subjects relating to STEAM. The live vodcasts will be streamed on the Festival FB Event page during the scheduled time-slots. 


    Vodcast for Parents/ Educators:

    This panel discussion will explore ways to inject creativity into STEAM learning, with a panel comprising industry experts and advocates for STEAM education.


    Click here to find out more about them.


    Virtual Hangout- Vodcast

    Vodcast for young children:

    Put together for our young audience, the Kids Unleashed series will feature different personalities in a live session! This series will be co-hosted by children from the KidsSTOP™ community and will be made live on the festival’s Facebook event page at the scheduled time.


    Virtual Hangout- Kids Unleashed

    Meet an Illustrator-and-animator, a Park officer and a Baker and find out how they inject creativity and innovation at work!


    Meet the Illustrator-and-Animator: 10 Oct, Sat, 4 pm


    Meet the Park Officer: 11 Oct, Sun, 11 am

    Meet the Baker: 11 Oct, Sun, 2 pm



    Each session will conclude with a hands-on activity relating to the occupation. Check out the material list and have the items ready for the session.



  • Exclusive to Preschools

    Unleash your creativity and have fun learning with our KidsSTOP™ educators with the Little Footprint Fun Kit: Little Puppeteer!


    Brochure for Preschool

  • On-site at KidsSTOP™

    STEAM Festival 2020 (On-Site)

    Besides engaging in some serious fun and discovery at KidsSTOP™ gallery, parents and children can look forward to a series of STEAM-based activities!

    Gain access to the activities on-site with the Voyager Passport! 

    Click here to purchase the STEAM festival passports.

    Activities available on-site

    Amazing Cabbage, a workshop*
    20 mins, 2 sessions hourly

    Venue: Train Station

    Let's work together to help Win and Pepper escape the Magic Forest!

    *Reformatted to include a hands-on activity

    Ocean Heroes

    Venue: Built Environment-Blocks

    Join us in using your senses to understand how you can do your part for marine life through a sensory-based trail.

    A project by students from Arts and Theatre Management, Republic Polytechnic.

    Spinning Top


    Venue: Party Room


    Customise your unique spin top and discover how weight and centre of gravity affects its spin.

    3D-printed Ornamental Light


    Venue: Party Room


    Design your own night light with the help of a 3D printing pen and finger light.



    Venue: PlayMaker Studio


    Build your own catapult with different materials and learn about the concept of energy transfer.

    Balloon Pop!

    A coding challenge


    Venue: Innovation Lab


    Join us in a mission to create your moving bot and protect it in a balloon pop challenge. Learn more about the fundamentals of coding through this activity.

    Robotic Art


    Venue: PlayMaker Studio


    Explore the fundamentals of art, science and robotic techniques with Twin Science’s creative maker kit and build limitless possibilities together.