Science Centre Singapore, KidsSTOP™ and Omni-Theatre are closed on 1 July and 5 August 2019.

Please note that The Dino Show will be replaced by Science On a Sphere® show on 17 June 2019 (Monday) at 4 pm. The Science On a Sphere® is located at Earth, Our Untamed Planet, Hall B.

KidsSTOP™ Academy 

Join the KidsSTOP™ Academy Programme and earn a degree!


The KidsSTOP™ Academy Programme hopes to ignite the interest in Science among young children by imparting concepts with the use of creative drama and hands-on activities. 


This programme helps to advocate the continuous pursuit of Science knowledge from a young age and encourage the development of inquiry and investigation skills through exciting and fun-filled activities.


There are 2 different degrees that children can attain from this programme. The two degrees are: Learn, Explore and Play (LEAP) Degree and Play And Learn (PAL) Degree.


Children are encouraged to participate in as many workshops and activities. A minimum of 6 stickers is required to graduate with a 'LEAP' Degree and 12 stamps to graduate with a 'PAL' Degree.


Do look out for programmes and activities that are tagged with the KidsSTOP™ Academy logo to qualify for the stickers or stamps!

KidsSTOP™ Academy Activities Week

Looking for fun and educational activities for your kids during the holidays? KidsSTOP™ Academy Activities Week is back this holiday!

The activities will start from Tuesday – Saturday from 2.30pm - 4.30pm (last registration at 4pm). There are 9 different activities for 4 weeks from 4 – 29 June 2019. In conjunction with World Oceans' Day, there are 3 activities running from 4 – 8 June that are related to the environment.

Please refer to the table below for the respective activities of each week.
Venue Near Nature exhibit, KidsSTOP™
Cost One activity: $5
Three activities: $12
Activity / Week Activity 1 Activity 2 Activity 3
Week 1
4 – 8 June 2019
World Oceans’ Day
Never refuse to reuse! This World Oceans’ Day, take part in hands-on activities to give unwanted plastic a new life and prevent them from polluting our oceans!
Week 2
11 – 15 June 2019
Dino Discovery
Dinosaur fossils enable us to identify the different physical characteristics of each dinosaur. Join us as we learn more about these physical characteristics and create your own favourite dinosaur imprints!
Trapped in Time
Venture into the mysterious world of amber fossils where interesting artefacts are trapped in time. Learn more about what these amber fossils are and make your very own ‘amber fossil’ out of UV resin through our hands-on activity!
Balancing Dino (Tinkrfest)
Design your own flying reptile and get it to balance on your fingertip!
Week 3
18 – 22 June 2019
Kinetic Carousel
Would you like to make a fun DIY Toy that moves? Come join us in making kinetic carousel which spins wildly and learn some simple science concept about energy along the way!
Colourful Rainbow Slide
Turn the spiral upside down and give your eyes a treat when watching the straws fall to the bottom!
Catching the Butterfly
Get the butterfly into the flower! As the butterfly falls, aim for the flower in which the butterfly will drop into!
Week 4
25 – 29 June 2019
A re-run of Popular Activities from Week 2 & 3
(Stay tuned for more updates on 22 June 2019)


*Note: Please bring along your KidsSTOP™ Academy Booklet (if any) to obtain the stamps during the Activities Week.