KidsSTOP™ Academy 

Join the KidsSTOP™ Academy Programme today! Earn a degree or award and be invited to our annual KidsSTOP™ Academy Graduation Ceremony to celebrate your achievements with us.


This programme helps to advocate the continuous pursuit of science knowledge from a young age and encourage the development of inquiry and investigation skills through exciting and fun-filled activities.


Under KidsSTOP™ Academy, we have two different tracks. The two tracks are:

               Star TOTSKidsStop Academy STAR tots           TOTally Science

Learn, Explore and Play (LEAP)KidsStop Academy LEAP        Holiday Programmes

Children are encouraged to participate in as many workshops and activities. 


Do look out for workshops and activities that are tagged with the KidsSTOP™ Academy logo to qualify for the stickers or stamps under each track!


KSA Activities Week is also conducted every school holiday in March, June, September and December.


Star TOTs Award is for children aged 24 to 36 months, where your child can gain a stamp by attending 1 TOTally Science workshop. Star TOTs Award allows your child to keep track of his/her number of TOTally Science workshops which they have attended at KidsSTOP™.


Complete this card to score an invitation to our annual graduation ceremony and get a head start on KidsSTOP™ Academy LEAP programme. 


KSA Progression Chart_StartTOTs

Learn, Explore and Play (LEAP)

LEAP award is for children aged 3 to 8 years old, where your child can gain a sticker by attending any of our holiday programmes. Our holiday programmes are conducted during school holidays in March, June, September and November/December. 


Complete this card to score an invitation to our annual graduation ceremony! To extend your child’s learning, stamps can also be earned on an alternative KidsSTOP™ academy track, Play and Learn (PAL) where he/she participates in activities held in our KidsSTOP™ gallery. 


KSA Progression Chart_LEAP