Science Centre Singapore, KidsSTOP™ and Omni-Theatre are closed on 7, 14 Oct 2019.

Temporary Closure at KidsSTOP™ Tinkering Room and the Crank in Built Environment (Crane) exhibit due to repair works.

Dear Guests, please note that KidsSTOP™ is FULLY BOOKED for the Afternoon Session on 4 Oct 2019.


Temporary Closures

Kindly note that Tinkering Room and the Crank in Built Environment (Crane) exhibit is currently closed for maintenance. Other popular exhibits such as the Dino Pit, Supermarket and Dream Climber are still open. We look forward to your visit to KidsSTOP™.

Opening Hours

KidsSTOP™ operates via two 4-hour sessions (each ticket covers only one session):
Morning session: 9.30am – 1.30pm (last admission 12.45pm)
Afternoon session: 2pm – 6pm (last admission 5.15pm)

Click here to view our closure dates.

 Peak Period Notice

Kindly note that KidsSTOP™ may experience a high number of guests during peak periods. This includes Weekends, Public Holidays, Teacher's Day and Children's Day. We appreciate your understanding as you plan your visit to KidsSTOP™. We look forward to seeing you soon. 

Where Every Child Gets to Imagine, Experience, Discover and Dream 

KidsSTOP™ is Science Centre Singapore’s dedicated Children’s Science Centre. Officially opened on 6 June 2014, children aged 8 years and below can learn to inquire, investigate and innovate in a safe and conducive 3,000m² gallery that focuses specifically on science for kids. 

With more than 20 exhibits designed to introduce concepts of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, children are provided with ample opportunities to learn through interactive play

Themed zones such as Flight and Space, Built Environment and The Innovation Lab provide children with ample room for exploring science topics through hands-on activities. For example, our Oceans’ Buddies marine conservation exhibit uses immersive technology to enhance learning, and our PlayMaker Studio’s robot toys and Tinkering Lab’s activities allow children to build and create. Simple basic skills in sequencing and coding are some skills that the children will pick up as they enjoy the tech toys provided.

Our Educational Programmes for Schools employ creative drama and hands-on activities to communicate, engage and teach science to young children. Our dedicated educators guide them to grasp science concepts through first-hand experiences. We aim to make learning positive and enjoyable for children and to inspire continuous engagement with science through our edutainment activities.

So if you are looking for a truly meaningful experience with your children, visit KidSTOP™ today to imagine, experience, discover and dream!

Our Exhibition Galleries

Find out more details of our galleries below!

  • Four Seasons

    Why do some countries experience four seasons? This is because the Earth is tilted on its axis! Although we experience only tropical weather in Singapore, our Four Seasons station teaches children about seasonal changes through hands-on activities. This exhibit also aims to promote numeracy skills as children learn to match, create patterns and count. 

  • Smaller World
    Smaller World is a magical garden where children can get to identify different animals by listening to the sound they produce!
  • Flight & Space

    The Flight and Space station is designed to promote early interest in astronomy through exploring the fascinating galaxy. Children will be able to create their very own constellation and enhance their creativity, eye-hand coordination and motor skills. Adventurous children can enter the Typhoon Simulator and experience the effects of a typhoon without having to worry about the danger of flying debris. Children can also enhance their social and communications skills through collaborative play when they build structures using special foam materials at this zone.

  • Nature

    The Nature Area offers a complete sensory experience for your child.

    It will acquaint children with the wildlife and ecology of Singapore as they use mounted binoculars to search the canopy and surrounding trees to discover artistic representations of animals found throughout the island. 

  • Supermarket

    Our Supermarket Zone engages children and teaches them how to identify foods with the Healthier Choice Logo by taking part in a ‘game show’ called My Healthy Plate! They will also learn about the importance of drinking enough water with our life-sized mascot Win. Children will also continue to have fun and learn while role-playing roles of a shopper, a cashier or a cook and find out about the origins of some food items at an interactive digital kiosk

  • Oceans' Buddies

    The Oceans' Buddies features a virtual ocean with three-dimensional sea creatures to educate children on marine life and how they can do their part to protect the environment. Children can personalise their own sea creatures and see their creations come alive with immersive technology on our stunning virtual ocean floor! 

  • Critters

    The Critters Room features live animals such as chicks, tree frogs, hermit crabs and gerbils to bring nature closer to young children. Given that most children in Singapore grow up in an urban environment, it is essential for them to be closer to nature, as it encourages them to care for the environment and gives them a head start on a better understanding of environmental conservation.

  • Kiddie Theatre

    The Kiddie Theatre gives children the opportunity to learn about the performing arts and the special effects techniques used in film-making. Children can perform on stage and sing to familiar tunes as they express themselves through songs, dance and creative movements.

  • PlayMaker Studio

    A versatile space, PlayMaker Studio can be separated from the rest of the exhibition area and be transformed into a programming space.

    Come and join us on every Thursday & Sunday from 3pm - 4pm for PlayMaker activities! 

    Click here for more information!

  • Tinkering Lab

    Tinkering Lab features worktables, surrounded by cabinets filled with materials and tools for an infinite number of tinkering projects or activities. 

    Come and join us on every Tuesday & Friday from 3pm - 4pm for Tinkering activities! 

    Click here for more information!


  • Giant J

    A must for thrill seekers, the Giant J Slide is where children get to safely experience the sensation of free fall before they slide to ground-zero from a height of seven metres! Children make their own decisions on how high they would like to be lifted up the slide as they challenge themselves and build confidence while having fun. 

  • Small World

    Small World represents a bright, colorful and imaginative space reserved for infants and toddlers, who will be acquainted with colors and textures here. This area also features an infant nest and a Nursing Alcove.

    *please note that 'Small World' will be undergoing revamp from mid- January to mid - March. The whole exhibit of 'Small World' will not be available for all guests/ visitors during that period. 

  • The Big Dream Climber

    The Dream Climber is a lofty 9-metre high climbing structure – the signature piece of KidsSTOP™. Children can climb and explore different unique hanging elements (fashioned after clouds, fanciful doors and gears) and make their way to the top where the Music Room awaits them!

    The Dream Climber is a favourite among children as it allows them to take risks safely. Children develop their coordination skills and physical strength by moving between the platforms. They can enhance their navigational and cognitive skills as well as their spatial awareness as they navigate the structure.

  • Know Your Body

    The importance of a healthy lifestyle shines through this zone! 
    With a variety of interactive exhibits such as Run with Max, Cycling with Sally, Lift Yourself, Goodnight Belle and 4 Emotion Pods, children are engaged through play and  hands-on while learning about the importance of  exercise, good sleep habits and identifying and handling their emotions. 

    On top of that, children will be able to view 4 different body systems of skeletal, muscular, circulatory and endocrine through the Kinect exhibit in which the reflected body system image will match itself to their height as well as mirror their movements!

  • Dino Pit

    The Dino Pit is designed to provide children with sensory experiences as they utilise tools to uncover the dinosaur fossil in the sand. Children can work together as a team to find and identify the different parts of the fossil, all while learning about the process of scientific inquiry and building communication skills. The interactive game board also widens children’s knowledge of dinosaurs and prehistoric reptiles, and how animals have evolved over time.

  • Built Environment

    Become a builder and have fun operating the crane, maneuvering the wheelbarrow and transporting the balls. The Built Environment is a simulation of a bustling building site and provides ample opportunities for kin-aesthetic learning. Role-playing as a builder encourages children to be creative as they find ways to activate wall gears and transport balls from one place to another. 

  • Music Room

    Music and movement help children express their ideas and feelings about themselves and the world as they see it. At the Music Room, children can select different musical instruments and make their own music! Children will learn to recognise sounds from a variety of sources in the environment and encounter different materials that can be used to make musical instruments.