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  • Exclusive KidsSTOP™ Mechandise

    Grab a copy of The Quest for the Missing Wand and embark on a delightful adventure with the KidsSTOP™ mascots as they take you on a journey around Singapore's first children science centre to search for the lost wand!

    CS Quest for the Missing Wand


  • Let's Explore Kits & My First Lab Kits

    Let’s Explore Kits – Perfect for Curious Kids

    Let’s Explore Kits put the fun in learning and let children carry out exciting science experiments at home or school, with family, teachers and friends. In line with the MOE Science Syllabus, these kits adopt the inquiry-based approach to learning science that is central to the science curriculum framework.

    Accompanying each kit is a well-illustrated Young Science Explorer Guidebook with step-by-step information to help children conduct the experiments. Parents and teachers can help facilitate the experiments with the support of the Facilitator’s Guide.

    Air Kit Air is invisible – but it is all around us! It serves many purposes in life – for example, the air keeps fire burning while moving air powers windmills. Learn about the importance of air and its functions with the new ‘Let’s Explore’ Air Kit.
    Simple Machine Kit Use this simple machine to change the direction as well as the strength of a force. Try out the activities in this kit and learn how different machines can help you expand your force through pushing or pulling.
    Electricity Kit In a fun and challenging way, this kit guides you in understanding electric circuits and what affects the current flow. Learning about electricity can be electrifying and illuminating!
    Magnetism Kit Observe how magnets behave and interact with other materials. You will learn about magnetism and the properties of magnets in a progressive, fun and challenging way.


    My First Lab Kits - For Younger Curious Kids

    These kits are scaled-down versions from the original Let’s Explore Kits, intended to nurture a passion for Science learning from a young age. 

    Each kit comes with a basic set of components and an Instruction Guide, designed to give first hands-on experience to young learners on fundamental topics in Science. It excites children’s curiosity as they explore amazing Science facts in a fun way and learn the skills that scientists use to study and make sense of the world around them.

    My First Lab on Electricity This kit gives meaning to the daily activities of turning on and off switches. Children can build simple circuits and switches, explore batteries and bulbs in series and parallel, and test for conductors and insulators.

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    Check out what's inside our Let's Explore Kits in our Unboxing Video!

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