About the show

The Energy Titans Show is a new show produced in conjunction with Energy Story, a permanent exhibition at the Centre launched in 2021 that explores the sources, transformation, and uses of energy from natural cycles to modern applications. 

The show will showcase the history of humanity's discovery and use of Electrical Energy through a series of live demonstrations.

At the show, guests can expect spectacular lightning arc displays that also produce music, and a Faraday cage Challenge, involving live audience participation. It's guaranteed to be explosive and not for the faint hearted!  

Duration: ~15mins

Lightening Hits Faraday Cage

Public Safety Advisory

The Energy Titans Show contains demonstrations that may not be suitable for all audiences. 

Watch from a safe distance if any of the following applies to you or your companions: 

1. Wearing a pacemaker

2. Sensitive to flashing lights and/or lightning effects

3. Sensitive to loud noises