School-partnered Research & Development Experience Programme

The School-partnered R&DEP is a customised programme (chargeable) for interested schools to expose students to the research and/or engineering process. The objective is to expose students to real-life applications, utilising what they have learnt in school as well as for them to pick up skills that are difficult to achieve in a school setting. Similar to apprenticeship, students will be mentored by CRADL∑ mentors to develop scientific research literacy and perform an investigation to test the hypothesis.

Schools interested will need to inform us 6 months before the intended start date of the School-partnered R&DEP to check for mentors' availability as well as discussion of the project and administrative details.

Project Ideation Options

1. Open-ended

The mentors will come up with project ideas and students can apply for them.

2. Thematic

The school can choose a theme (e.g. robot arm, water monitoring, automatic hand sanitiser dispenser, etc.) or an area for development, then either the mentors or students can come up with project ideas.


Venue: Science Centre Singapore or your school lab

Project duration: Dependent on type of project

Maximum number of students: Dependent on type of project

If your school is interested in this programme, please email for more information.