Congratulations to the winners of DOC2020!

Drone Odyssey Challenge 2020 Winners List

The organising committee will be contacting all team managers shortly for the certificates and cash prizes. Do keep a lookout for our email. We hope you had a good time in this event.

  • For Drone Obstacle Challenge Participants

    Information on the challenge details and tutorials can be found in this Google Drive Folder. You are encouraged to make a copy of the files or download the files so that you can view the slides and videos at your own discretion.

    There are 3 videos, 2 PowerPoint and 1 Word document in this folder. You only need to refer to the relevant video and PowerPoint for your category, the video covers in-depth on the PowerPoint presentation so it might be more useful for those who are just starting out on drones. The word document provides a template for your submission, which will include your video link and for your code submission. You are required to use the Word document for your submission.

    Do note that should the rules stated in the PowerPoint differ from those in the challenge booklet, the latest rules in the PowerPoint will supersede the rules in the challenge booklet.

  • For Drone Coding Challenge Participants

    Do remember to key in your registered name and email address (used in the registration of participants) in order to verify your participation in the quiz. You may refer to the tickets sent to the buyer's email to check on the names and emails used to register the participants.

    Links will be active on 17 August 2020, 4 pm.

    Primary -

    Secondary (Mambo) –

    Secondary (Tello) -

    For secondary school participants, please note that there are 2 quizzes, 1 for DJI Tello and 1 for Parrot Mambo. You are to only complete 1 of the quizzes of the drone platform that you are familiar with.

    All submissions are timestamped, only the first submitted entry per participant will be scored.

  • For Drones Performance Challenge Participants

    Do include the template (sent via email) in your video for the first 10 seconds. The blank slide should be visible for the first 2 sec, while the team name and school should be visible for the remaining 8 sec. Video submissions should reach us by 28 August 2020, 5 pm, and should follow the rules stated in the Challenge Manual.

    Templates can also be downloaded here:
    - Blank Template
    - With Team Names

Drone Odyssey Challenge is back for a very special 2020 edition! We're going online!

Drone Odyssey Challenge 2020 (DOC2020) is an exciting drone-based competition that promises plenty of fun while inculcating technical skillsets, creativity and an appreciation of technologies relevant to the modern world. Open to students from the Primary and Secondary levels, this competition will see participants code their programmable drones to perform tasks under given scenarios. Drone Odyssey Challenge is organized by Science Centre Singapore with support from the Ministry of Education (MOE) and various partners.

DOC2020 will be held online and will consist of the following three Challenges: 

1. Obstacle Challenge (Individual) 

2. Coding Challenge (Individual) 

3. Drone Performance Challenge (Team of 1 - 3) 

The Online Challenges are open to students from the Primary and Secondary levels (suitable for ages 10 – 16).

Registrations are now closed.

For any enquiries, you can email