• 2023 THEME

    The theme for this year's Drone Odyssey is Climate Change and Natural Disasters. Missions are focused on applications of drones in disaster zones. Drones can provide valuable information and assistance in areas that may be difficult or dangerous for humans to access.

    Learn how drones play a significant role in natural disaster response and recovery efforts via this year’s DOC. Teams will learn to code AI capabilities of their drones to complete basic and advanced missions for Obstacles Challenge Categories. In the Drone Swarming Challenge, the team can apply innovative ways to perform flight routine or geo surveying through unmanned aerial systems (UAS).

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    Sub-categoryAllowed DroneLevel
    Category A1Parrot Mambo / CoDrone EduPrimary
    (7 to 12 years old)
    Category A2DJI Tello / Tello Edu / Tello TalentPrimary
    (7 to 12 years old)
    Category B1Parrot Mambo / CoDrone EduSecondary
    (13 to 16/17 years old)
    Category B2DJI Tello / Tello Edu / Tello TalentSecondary
    (13 to 16/17 years old)


    Sub-categoryAllowed DroneLevel
    Category C1DJI Tello / Tello Edu / Tello TalentPrimary/ Secondary/ JC/ Poly/ ITE
    (7 to 20 years old)

    Download Challenge booklet here: DRONE ODYSSEY CHALLENGE 2023 v1.1


    Competition Preliminaries: 18 - 20 July 2023 at Science Centre Singapore, The Annexe

    Competition Finals: 24 - 25 July 2023 at Suntec Convention Centre, Level 4


    Attractive prizes to be won for each category:

    Championship$500 cash and championship trophy, winner medals/ sponsored products 
    1st Runner up$300 cash and winner medals/ sponsored products 
    2nd Runner up$150 cash and winner medals/ sponsored products 

    More awards listed in the Challenge Booklet.



    We have introductory drone workshops lined up for participants to prepare them for the competition. Its FOC! Sign up link will be sent to participants when they register for the competition.

    Obstacle Challenge

    CategoryDate, Time, Venue
    A1, A2

    9 May 2023, 3-5pm
    Science Centre Singapore, Marquee

    A1, A2

    30 May 2023, 3-5pm
    Science Centre Singapore, Marquee

    B1, B2

    16 May 2023, 3-5pm
    Science Centre Singapore, Marquee

    B1, B2

    30 May 2023, 3-5pm
    Science Centre Singapore, Marquee

    Learning Outcomes:

    During this workshop, students will gain an understanding of fundamental programming concepts and put them into practice by programming a drone. They will be taught how to define variables, save sensor readings in variables, and use loops to control the flight of the drone. The workshop will include practical exercises, flight challenges, and the chance to edit their code to develop new flight patterns.



    The workshop is designed to equip students with practical coding skills by providing them with an exciting opportunity to program a drone. Through the practical programming of the drone, students will be able to develop their coding skills while also improving their problem-solving abilities.

    Lesson Outcomes:

    • Perform aerial maneuverer.
    • Improve accuracy with the mission Pads.
    • Apply Sensor reading to compare to a condition.
    • Apply computational thinking skills in solving the drone odyssey Challenge.
    • Use drone camera to detect QR code and perform the corresponding actions.
    • Prepare a presentation topic for the finals.

    Write in to inquiry-sg@ep-asia.com for more information on Drone 201 workshop.


    Drone Odyssey Challenge is an exciting game-based competition that promises plenty of fun! It inculcates technical skillsets, critical thinking, and an appreciation of new and disruptive technologies relevant to the modern world. Open to students from the Primary and Secondary levels, this competition will see participants working together in teams to code their programmable drones to transform them into Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) capable of performing tasks under given scenarios.

    Drone Odyssey Challenge is organised by Science Centre Singapore and EP Tec Solutions PTE LTD with support from the Ministry of Education (MOE) and various partners.

    For further enquiries, kindly email to drone_odyssey@science.edu.sg.

    Kindly note that photographs or video recordings may be taken throughout the course of the workshop and competition. By attending the workshop and/or competition, you consent to having photographs of you taken which may be used by the Science Centre for publicity purposes.

  • FAQs

    Admin Matters

    FAQsOur replies

    How many team members in a group? Can it be individual as well?

    Teams of TWO (2) to FOUR (4) individuals, can register to compete in the challenge.
    Are siblings able to form a team?Yes, siblings are able to form a team as long as they are in the same age group category.
    Are participants able to participate in 2 competitions or can they only take part in 1?They can take part in both competitions.
    Is the challenge open to students from Special Education Schools (SPED)? Are we (SPED participants allowed to collaborate with students from General Education for this challenge?

    We do not have any restrictions on the participants and their teaming.

    With regards to payment mode for registration, would it be possible to e-invoice to my school for the competition?
    If you are a school teacher signing up for your students, kindly email to us at drone_odyssey@science.edu.sg for the e-invoice sign up form. 

    Drone Related

    FAQsOur replies
    Do we need to have our own drones?

    Yes, you need to use your own drones for this competition.

    Accepted models of drones are listed in the categories challenges.

    Does every member require a drone each? Or one drone for one team is sufficient?

    For Obstacle Challenge, one drone for each team is sufficient to complete the tasks.

    Participants are to use a smart device (usually a tablet) to code out the actions of the drone.


    For Drone Swarming Challenge, multiple drones are required for the competition.

    Loan-A-DroneCurrently, we don’t have any drones available for loan. You may purchase the accepted models of drones from any vendors in the market.

    Obstacle Challenge

    FAQsOur replies
    To fulfil the Basic and Advanced Tasks, drones are to be pre-programmed or manually controlled?Drones are to be pre-programmed for Obstacle Challenge Tournaments.
    Will there be a plan of the mission playfield so that student can practice? 

    Drone Swarming Challenge

    FAQsOur replies
    Can you elaborate on point 1g of page 7 of challenge booklet "participants are to introduce themselves with their safety supervisor"

    Before the start of the drone swarming video, participants are to include a scene where they introduce themselves (their team name and names) and their safely supervisor.

    This scene of introduction do not have to be in the same take as the drone swarming.



Click here to register! Registration closes on 30 June 2023. The registration fee for one team is $25, inclusive of 8% GST. A $10 discount will be given to teams that register on or before 31 May 2023, discount given during checkout.

For further enquires, kindly email to drone_odyssey@science.edu.sg

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