Science Centre Singapore and its group of attractions are dedicated to creating positive and enjoyable experiences for all our guests. This is a part of our commitment to becoming a more accessible and inclusive Centre. We have an array of services to make your visit safe and pleasant.

Access-friendly Amenities

  • Parking: Accessible parking lots for visitors displaying the Class 1 or Class 2 car labels for persons with physical disabilities.
  • Wheelchair Loan Services: Complimentary use of a non-motorised wheelchair (available on a first-come-first-served basis at the entrance). Located at Level 1, Visitor Services Centre.
  • Toilet Facilities: Specially designated toilet cubicles for persons with disabilities. Auto doors have been installed for ease of use. Please approach any of our Science Centre staff. 
  • Lift Access: Available around Science Centre Singapore.
  • Sensory Levels Information Guide: This will provide an idea of the sensory level, in terms of light and sound at each exhibition (click here) to better plan your itinerary. The sensory level information can be found below.
  • Social Stories: We have prepared Social Stories to provide a visual guide on what to expect in the Science Centre Singapore or KidsSTOP™. Download here: My Visit to Science Centre Singapore | My Visit to KidsSTOP™

Sensory Bags and Sensory-friendly Performance

Sensory Bags: We have introduced sensory bags to guests who may need them. These bags are created for families with children on the autism spectrum. Available at our Visitor Services Centre, Level 1.

Quiet Sessions

If you are planning to organize a group visit for Special Education schools, the special needs community, and seniors during Quiet Sessions to the Science Centre Singapore or KidsSTOP™, please contact for more information. 

Sensory Level Reference in the Exhibitions (Science Centre Singapore)

SCS All Sensory Info (Visit Planner) (1)

Sensory Level Reference in the Exhibitions (KidsSTOP™)

KS All Sensory Info (Visit Planner)