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KidsSTOP™ Outreach Programmes 

KidsSTOP™ Outreach Programmes help spark preschoolers’ and young children’s interest in learning about science concepts in an enjoyable way. It will be conducted in schools and is curated for young children aged 6 and below. 


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Overnight Camps at KidsSTOP™ - Jo's Night Out

Spend the night at KidsSTOP™ and have loads of fun participating in our camp activities! It will be conducted in the months of June, November and December (for school groups only, from 3pm to 11am).


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Show You Can! Competition

An annual event for young children aged 5 to 6 years old, to showcase their talents and learn more about science through creative performances. The performance will allow children to develop confidence and instil interest in science and the arts.

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Innovation Guidance Project (IGP) 'Take Flight' Learning Journey

Visit KidsSTOP™ to explore more about the flight! Children will get to make their own flight craft and explore natural and man-made objects capable of flight. What's more, they will get to witness drone programming in action!

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KidsSTOP™ Science Play

Looking for fun yet enriching programmes for your students?
Science Play at KidsSTOP™ is a 2-hour programme comprising:
  • 45 minutes of facilitated activities by our Science Educator
  • 75 minutes of free-play time


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Suggested Activities for Educators

Extend learning to the classroom after coming to KidsSTOP™! With hands-on activities curated for each Science Play programme, educators can further explore the respective STEM+ concepts and spark children's interest in them!

For A Fruitful Day, please click here.
For Animal Kingdom Fun, please click here.
For Fun in Motion, please click here.
For My Wonderful Body, please click here.
For Sport the Treasure, please click here.
For Creepy Crawly Adventure, please click here.
For Dino Rumble, please click here.
For Healthy Kitchen, please click here.
For Jobs Express, please click here.
For Sky Explorer, please click here.
For Watt's Electricity, please click here.

KidsSTOP™ Free Play

Free Play at KidsSTOP™ is a 2-hour free and easy session where children aged 18 months to 8 years old learn about science elements through purposeful play. Our interactive and engaging exhibits introduce the concepts of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) through play and thematic zones. 


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Our Exhibition Galleries

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