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KidsSTOP™ Comes to You!

KidsSTOP™ Outreach Programmes aim to spark young children’s interest in learning about STEM concepts in an enjoyable way.

Each edutainment programme comprises a 20-minute performance and a 30-minute hands-on activity. Young children can encounter and understand STEM concepts through bite-sized sessions of music, drama and play with the founders of KidsSTOP™.

KidsSTOP™ Comes to You! will be conducted at the comfort of your school, and is curated for young children aged 6 and below.


Perfect Butter (Kitchen Science)

Upon arriving at Miss Train Conductor’s house, Belle’s stomach started growling loudly because she had skipped her breakfast that morning. Going on an empty stomach is never a good idea so Jo and Ms Train Conductor decide to make Belle some delicious butter sandwiches. However, Ms Train Conductor then realises that she has run out of butter! Come and help Jo and Belle make the perfect butter with just one ingredient. 

In this performance, children will be involved in the butter making process and gain insight into the science behind it!


I Spy with My Eyes (The Human Body)

Miss Train Conductor has misplaced her Golden Spectacles! Her vision is blurred without it, and she needs to have it back soon! Join Win, Pepper and Miss Train Conductor as they head to the magical playground to search for Ms Train Conductor’s Golden Spectacles. 

In this performance, children will discover and learn more about the human eye, as well as ways to take good care of their own eyes.


The Amazing Cabbage (Food Fun)

Miss Train Conductor brings Win and Pepper to her kitchen after having a long and fun day at KidsSTOP™. While waiting for Miss Train Conductor to whip up a feast, Win gets into trouble by messing up Miss Train Conductor’s Red cabbage soup. Witness Win as he tries to salvage the situation.

In this performance, children will be exposed to pH indicators and acquire skills such as observing, identifying and predicting.

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