Overnight Camp at KidsSTOP™ - Jo's Night Out

Spend the night at KidsSTOP™ and have loads of fun participating in our camp activities!

At Jo's Night Out, children work in teams to complete challenges and engage in science activities. As they work collaboratively on their tasks, children will enhance their understanding in various concepts through first-hand experiences. These camp activities also aim to develop problem-solving and practical life skills, as well as increase social-emotional competencies.


It will be conducted in the months of June, November and December (for school groups only, from 3pm to 11am).


$150 per student (inclusive of GST).

Minimum capacity: 20 students.

Maximum capacity: 60 students.

To book with us, please click here for the booking form and submit it to us at kidsstop_events@science.edu.sg 

For more information, please contact us at 6425 2500 or email us at kidsstop_events@science.edu.sg