Science Centre Singapore, KidsSTOP™ and Omni-Theatre are closed on 1 July and 5 August 2019.

Please note that The Dino Show will be replaced by Science On a Sphere® show on 17 June 2019 (Monday) at 4 pm. The Science On a Sphere® is located at Earth, Our Untamed Planet, Hall B.

Overnight Camps at KidsSTOP™ - Jo's Night Out

Spend the night at KidsSTOP™ and have loads of fun participating in our camp activities!

At Out of the Woods! and Adventures in the Giant’s Lair, children work in teams to complete challenges and engage in science activities. As they work collaboratively on their tasks, children will enhance their understanding in various concepts through first-hand experiences. These camp programmes also aim to develop problem-solving and practical life skills, as well as increase social-emotional competencies.


It will be conducted in the months of June, November and December (for school groups only, from 3pm to 11am).


$150 per student (inclusive of GST).

Maximum capacity: 60 students.

  • Out of the Woods!

    Can you survive as a team in the deserted camping grounds? In Out of the Woods, children will gain invaluable life lessons through survival camping. Besides acquiring basic survival skills, children will also learn to appreciate the science behind these skills. While they enjoy the great outdoors, Out of the Woods will bring children on a journey of self-discovery where they appreciate nature, develop social skills and simply have fun.

    Camp highlights
    • Build a shelter from scratch
    • Set up a campfire and learn how a campfire works
    • Experience hands-on outdoor cooking
  • Adventures in the Giant's Lair

    Visit the Giant's lair at KidsSTOP and find out what lies within! In Adventures in the Giant's Lair, children will get a boost in their self-confidence through various hands-on and team-building activities. Besides exciting science activities, children will also get to have a splash at the Waterworks at Science Centre! Both brains and brawn are needed to tackle the challenges head-on!

    Camp highlights
    • Excite your senses with a unique sensorial experience
    • Learn about electricity and light through captivating science activities
    • Test your problem-solving skills through challenging missions

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