Please note that all of the activities are not available until further notice. Stay tuned for more information!

KidsSTOP™ On-ground Activities

Looking for fun and educational activities for your kids? We will have them buzzing with excitement at KidsSTOP™. Find out more below.


*Please note that these activities will not be available on School and Public Holidays. KidsSTOP™ is closed on some Mondays, please refer to our closure dates before making plans to visit us.

ActivityDate & TimeDescription 
Everyday Science
(Nature Exhibit)

Every Monday*, Wednesday and Friday


10.30am and 3pm

Everyday Science allows your child to explore the science phenomena around them using commonly found objects. Check back for different themes all-year round!

Where do objects go when you drop them? Explore how gravity causes items to behave when they are dropped!
Messy Weekends
(Nature exhibit)


Every Saturday and Sunday


10.30am and 3pm

Messy play allows children to explore different textures, express their creativity and develop their cognitive and physical abilities. Save yourself from some cleaning up and experience it at KidsSTOP™!


This Earth Day, explore the consequences of melting sea ice on polar bears while engaging in some ice-cold messy play! (Mar-Apr)
(PlayMaker Studio)

Every Tuesday and Thursday,


10.30am and 3pm

Themed maps, coding cards, an enlightening storybook, and tap-to-code interaction, all these make learning fun for children. mTiny allows children to explore the unknown themselves, in a bid to bolster their confidence in independent thinking through a gaming experience!