What is "Science Play"?

Science Play at KidsSTOP™ is a 2-hour programme comprising:

  • 45 minutes of facilitated activities by our Science Educators
  • 75 minutes of free-play time

Our Science Play programme is based on the different zones at KidsSTOP™. Creative drama and hands-on activities are used to introduce science to pre-schoolers in a positive, enjoyable and meaningful way. Our educational activities include interactive story-telling, role playing, puppetry, games, experiments and demonstrations.

Time slots available 

Each session is limited to a minimum of 15 students and maximum of 24 students.

Morning Session

Afternoon session

10:00am - 10:45am
Free Play
10:45am - 12:00pm

2:00pm - 2:45am
Free Play
2:45am - 4:00pm
Free Play
10:00am - 11:15am
11:15am - 12:00pm
Free Play
2:00pm - 3:15am
3:15am - 4:00pm


Science Play for Pre-Nursery & Nursery ( 3 - 4 years old )

  • A Fruitful Day - N1/N2

    Children will have A Fruitful Day and learn how fresh produce keeps them healthy. They can also look forward to a multi-sensory experience as they feel, touch and enjoy a music-making session with their favourite fruits and vegetables!

  • Animal Kingdom Fun - N1/N2

    Join us on an adventure in the animal kingdom! Mimic animals movements and learn about their characteristics through storytelling and puppetry.

  • Fun in Motion - N1/N2

    Complements MOE Big Books - Hello, My Friend

    Go on an exciting trip across the land, sea and sky! Explore places with different modes of transportation and discover how they work. Hands-on activities will allow children to learn the features of land, water and air transportation.


  • My Wonderful Body - N1/N2

    Ever wondered what’s inside our bodies? Embark on a journey with Stuffee® and discover what lies within! Stuffee® teaches young children about the functions of the human body, as well as nutrition and digestion.


Science Play for K1 / K2 ( 5 - 6 years old )

  • Ocean Defenders - K1/K2 (new!)

    Dive underwater and save the sea creatures! Children will learn the impact of marine pollution through role-play, and sort recyclables along the way.


  • Into the Garden - K1/K2 (new!)

    Discover the beauty of nature at the Ecogarden, learn about different parts of the plant and differentiate edible and inedible ones. Children will also use plants from the garden to make a refreshing beverage!


  • Creepy Crawly Adventure - K1/K2

    Brace yourselves and go on a creepy crawly adventure! Learn all about the characteristics of creepy crawlies like insects, spiders or millipedes. Children can also get a close-up experience with some of them at our Critters Room!


  • Dino Rumble – K1/K2

    ROAR!! Travel back in time and meet the dinosaurs! Not only will children learn about prehistoric reptiles and compare them with modern ones, they also get to be junior paleontologists and uncover fossils at the Dino Pit.


  • Healthy Kitchen - K1/K2

    What happens when two famous chefs meet in the kitchen? Through creative drama and hands-on experiences, children will learn the importance of having a balanced diet. Using My Healthy Plate guidelines, they will also get the opportunity to create their very own 'meal'!

  • Jobs Express - K1/K2

    Build a tower and experiment with safe chemicals! Children become adults for a day as they take on different occupations. This programme includes fun-filled activities that enhance inquiry skills and encourage self-expression.

  • Sky Explorer - K1/K2

    Fly high and watch the clouds go by! Learn about natural and man-made fliers and find out how they fly. Children will also create their own fliers and put them to test at the Flight and Space exhibit's powerful wind tubes.

  • Watt's Electricity - K1/K2

    Complements MOE Big Books: Fireflies

    Amp up for an electrifying journey with fireflies! Children will discover both natural and man-made sources of light. They will also tinker with various electrical components.

School Bookings


You may book our programmes via the online portal here.

For more information on school group bookings, please email us at kidsstop_prog@science.edu.sg

Please note that booking is not confirmed unless you have received a reservation code with the confirmation email from KidsSTOP™.

For more information on our exhibits, kindly refer to our gallery map here

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