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YSC Showcase 2023: Happening on 23 June

YSC Showcase 2023 Invitation

Join us on 23 June, Friday, to celebrate the fruits of our young sustainability champions’ labour!

Over an enriching period of two weeks, 65 young sustainability champions embarked on a mission – to create a product and/or solution that tackles a sustainability challenge our world currently faces. Using design thinking and a diverse range of technical skills (such as laser-cutting, 3D modelling, carpentry and more!), our young champions have produced innovative prototypes that they are proud to share with you.

Explore 13 booths centred around the theme of “Sustainability at Home” and hear firsthand from our young champions on how they envision the future of sustainability for all of us. Feel free to drop by any time from 10am to 4.30pm, exclusively on Level 3 of Science Centre Singapore.

For sneak previews of our young champions’ exciting progress and projects, head over to Facebook (new posts up daily till 23 June):

We hope to see you on 23 June!


About The Young Sustainability Champion Programme

The Young Sustainability Champion programme is sponsored by Temasek Foundation and run by Science Centre Singapore. We aspire to develop student awareness of our present environmental issues and to spark innovative solutions in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDG).


The program enables participants to access the "I am a Young Scientist" platform on the Science Centre Singapore's website and attempt the core sustainability-related tasks. Those who have completed the program successfully will be presented with exclusive badges and e-certificates. Outstanding competitors will also have the chance to compete in additional competitions and showcase events to further develop their skills as a Young Sustainability Champion.

We would like to thank Temasek Foundation for sponsoring the Young Sustainability Champion programme.


Learning Outcomes

YSC aims to raise students’ awareness of the United Nations Sustainability Development Goals (UNSDG) and the need for STEM to address these goals. The goals that we will be addressing in 2023 are:

ysc_learningOc1 ysc_learningoutc2 ysc_learningOc3 ysc_learningout4

In line with the selected SDGs, students will work in teams to empathise, ideate, and prototype on the theme of Sustainability Begins at Home.

SDG Description Learning Outcomes
Skills & Processes
7 Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable, and modern energy for all. Sustainable Living
Problem Solving
Logical Thinking
11 Makes cities and communities inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable.
12 Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns.
13 Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts.

Programme Format

  Junior category
(for ages 10-12)
Senior category
(for ages 13-17)
Phase 1:
Self-directed Online Course
I am a Young Sustainability Champion Badge I am a Young Sustainability Champion Badge (Senior)
Questa Club Scheme
Phase 2:
Only shortlisted outstanding student submissions will be notified for acceptance into Prototyping Bootcamp
Prototyping Bootcamp


Each group of students will be mentored by academic or industry mentors. Under their mentor’s guidance and advice from industry partners and experts, students will identify a problem and develop STEM-based products and solutions. Apart from gaining STEM concepts and skills from their mentors, students will also be exposed to soft skills such as design thinking, project management and teamwork.

Students will also participate in workshops to further hone their STEM-related skills and knowledge to aid in their projects.


Key Dates

Event Date
Application Process
Teacher’s briefing 20 February
Deadline for enrolment 13 March
Notification of acceptance 15 May
Student to accept programme commitment 22 May
Programme Schedule (May be subject to change)
Orientation and Design thinking workshop 29 May
Community interactions 30 May
Ideation/re-ideation 31 May
Technical workshops 31 May - 1 June
Project Prototyping 5 – 9 June
Poster and Presentation work 12 – 13 June
Post programme (May be subject to change)
STEM showcase setup 22 June
STEM showcase and graduation 23 June
Learning Journey July to December 2023
Community showcase* July to December 2023
*Students will be invited to showcase their projects at various community locations (libraries and community centres).

Awards and Prizes

  Junior category
(for ages 10-12)
Senior category
(for ages 13-17)
Phase 1:
Self-directed Online Course
Students who complete the I am a Young Sustainability Champion Badge or Questa Badge will receive an e-Certificate of completion, digital Young Sustainability Champion Badge or Questa (Gold) Badge
Phase 2:
Prototyping Bootcamp
Shortlisted students who complete the Prototyping Bootcamp will receive an e-Certificate of participation.
Teams will also receive various awards during the public showcase.

Winning Teams from 2022

1 team from each student category (Junior and Senior) emerged during the 2022 season. Find out more about their brilliant prototypes below!

Junior Category Senior Category
Sustainability Champs Team Carbs
ysc_JrCat2 ysc_snCat2
Sustainability Champs formulated the idea of BIO CHAMPS. In short, BIO CHAMPS is a portable biodigester on wheels which utilises a self-contained unit that uses microorganisms to break down organic waste into methane gas, a gas commonly used for cooking or generating electricity. BIO CHAMPS is particularly useful for campers to elevate a clean source of energy!
Find out more regarding BIO CHAMPS from the inventors themselves in this link.
Team Carbs came up with a genius method to repurpose leftover coffee grounds into beautiful biodegradable pots for plants! Using their homemade DIY kit consisting of common ingredients that can be found from any local supermarket, and at an affordable price too! With the interest of home gardening on the rise, their product might just be the next big thing to hit the market soon!
Find out more about their projects with the presentation by Team Carbs in this link.


How much plastic waste do you generate in a week?
Find out what our Young Sustainability Champions said here.  
Missed our Vodcast on Earth Day? We got you covered. Watch it here!

How to register?

For primary or secondary level teachers registering a class or school, please sign up here.

For more information and further enquiries on Young Sustainability Champion, please contact Dr Savita Sharma at