What is the Questa Club Scheme?

Questa Club is for secondary level students who want to explore how science influences society and the world around us.

Students would have to complete certain tasks independently and would be awarded a Silver Badge (10 stars worth of activities) or a Gold Badge (20 stars worth of activities).

Objectives of this scheme:

  • To stimulate interest in science among students
  • To encourage students to work independently in areas of interest in science
  • To arouse students’ interest in pursuing a science-related career

How do I purchase Questa cards for my students? 

To purchase Questa cards in bulk, please contact Dr Sharma at 6425 2517 or email questaclub@science.edu.sg

How do I submit the completed Questa cards?

The deadline for submission of completed Questa cards is 7 October 2022. Kindly email this Questa submission Form to questaclub@science.edu.sg before the deadline.


How do I collect the Questa badges and certificates for my students?

1. Collection at Science Centre

You may collect your badges from 24 October - 4 November (excluding weekends) from 10am - 5pm at the Science Centre. Kindly let us know your preferred date and time of collection via email by 7 October, so that we can pack your badges and certificates* for your collection at our Visitor Services Centre.

2. Delivery to your school

If you would like to have the badges and certificates* delivered to your school, do fill in this delivery form by 7 October. Badges and certificates would be delivered to you by 4 November.

*Kindly note that certificates provided will be blank.


Where can I obtain more information regarding the Questa Club Scheme?

A Virtual Teachers’ Briefing will be held on 15th February 2022. Registration for this briefing would be available soon. 

Should you wish to find out more, kindly direct your enquiries to questaclub@science.edu.sg



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