Stay tuned for the Annual Submission Period (for paper-based cards only)

About the Young Scientist Badge Scheme

The objectives of this scheme:

  • To stimulate interest in science activities among students
  • To enable students to carry out self-directed activities in various disciplines of science
  • To provide opportunities for students to develop initiative and creativity.

Who is the scheme for?

Young Scientist badges are designed for all Primary school students

 The Young Scientist Badges are now online!


Access it now!

  • How does the online system work?

    The online version of the I am a Young Scientist Badge Programme can be found at

    Register or Login to subscribe to badge programmes, submit projects, get them certified and earn badges.

  • What are the subscription fees?

    Independent Learners

    Single Badge $6/student
    Full Platform $35/student
    Register or Login here
     Single BadgeFull platform
    Less than 200 students$5/ student$30/ student
    More than 200 students$3/ student$10/ student

    Enrolment form for schools and groups

  • What is the on-boarding process?

    For individuals and independent learners

    • Register to obtain an account at
    • You will receive a validation email to complete the process
    • Login to the website
    • Select Annual Subscription for the full site (unlimited access to all activities for 365 days) or the individual I am a Young Scientist Badge Programme
    • Make your payment via PayPal
    • Get started on the activities

    For schools and groups

    • Download and fill in the enrolment sheet to indicate the name and email addresses of the students and teachers who need accounts
    • Fill in the enrolment form
    • Science Centre Singapore will create the student accounts and email you the details within 10 working days.
    • An invoice will be sent to the school via eFASS upon creation of the accounts.
  • Will I still receive real certificates and badges?

    Online Badges will be automatically awarded when 15 points are graded by a teacher.

    You will receive an email informing you once the online badge has been awarded. Certificates will also be awarded online.

    You can also see your badges on the dashboard.

    Physical Badges will be awarded at our annual Badge Presentation Ceremony. Stay tuned for the latest updates!

    Shortly after the award of the online badge, our staff will contact you with more information about the ceremony, as well as a sign-up form. 

    For young scientists who are not residing in Singapore, or if you would like us to post the badges and certificates to you, additional shipping and handling will apply.

  • Can I still use the paper-based cards?

    Yes, you may, but the paper-based cards will only be sold till 2021, as we are moving towards the online system. Here is the onboarding process for the paper-based scheme: 

    To earn a badge

    Buy an activity card and carry out the activities listed. The card may be purchased at $2.50 each from Science Centre Singapore’s Curiosity Shop.

    You may seek advice from your parents or teachers, but you must carry out the activities yourself.

    Present the completed activities to your school teacher, who will acknowledge that you have completed the activity.

    Each completed activity earns you the corresponding number of stars indicated.

    Parents may also acknowledge the completion of up to 6 stars worth of activities.

    Upon earning 15 stars, submit the card to your teacher who will also certify that you have completed the card and a badge will be awarded.

    For teachers who wish to purchase the cards in bulk for your students, you may contact

    Submission procedure

    Review the Young Scientist Card Submission Details

    Download and complete the Submission Form

    For further inquiries on the paper-based cards, kindly contact Dr. Savita Sharma at 6425 2517 or

  • Can I participate in the programme if I am overseas?

    Yes. The programme is open to overseas participants. 

    For young scientists who are not residing in Singapore, or if you would like us to post the badges and certificates to you, additional shipping and handling will apply. Shipping and handling rates will be advised prior to shipping your certificates and badges as they are variable. 

  • I have completed the activities, how do I receive my badge?

    Shortly after you have achieved your digital badges, you will receive an email to collect your physical badges at Science Centre Singapore, Visitor Services Centre.

    For young scientists who are not residing in Singapore, or if you would like us to post the badges and certificates to you, additional shipping and handling will apply.

  • How many Young Scientist programmes are there?

    The Following Young Scientist Badge Schemes are available. Collect them all!


    Life and Nature Sciences

    I am a Young Entomologist

    I am a Young Zoologist 

    I am a Young Botanist

    I am a Young Ecologist

    I am a Young Geneticist

    I am a Young Ornithologist

    I am a Young Marine Biologist [NEW!]


    Physical Sciences and Maths

    I am a Young Geologist 

    I am a Young Mathematician 

    I am a Young Astronomer 

    I am a Young Physicist 

    I am a Young Chemist 


    Multi-disciplinary programmes

    I am a Young IT Whiz 

    I am a Young Energy Saver 

    I am a Young Environmentalist 

    I am a Young Water Ambassador 

    I am a Young Food Scientist 

    I am a Young Sustainability Champion

  • Coming Online Soon !
    • I am a Young Engineer  (Multi-disciplinary programmes)
    • I am a Young Meteorologist  (Physical Sciences and Maths)

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