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Get your hands on Science Centre Singapore's exclusive STEMling collectible blind boxes now, while stocks last!

Embark on an exciting journey of discovery with Science Centre Singapore's very own blind box collectible series. Find yourself immerse in the captivating world of the STEMlings, where science, innovation, and creativity collide! Each collectible is priced at $12.90 and features 5 unique designs from each series, offering a delightful element of surprise and fun.

About the STEMlings
STEMlings are mysterious little creatures and advocates of STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics). Read on to find out more about them and their adventures.

Spaces to Places Series

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Chaos ensues in the STEMlings' world when a mysterious black goo appears and takes over all the empty spaces. Because of its nature, this black goo becomes known as The Void. Meaning and purpose must be given to spaces before The Void infects them. Now it's up to the STEMlings to rid The Void and save what was once a lush paradise!

What is its name? Watt - The standard unit of power; the perfect aptronym for the leader of the STEMlings.

For Liv, it's all about living simply. Resourceful and self-sufficient, Liv is a steward of creating green and meaningful spaces.

Blast off into the outer space with Ozon! Ozon's jolly personality makes it easy to bring up the atmosphere in any space.

The brains of the bunch, Chrome is able to transcend networks within the cyberspace by digitising into a byte-sized avatar!

Breathe in...and out. Inez is an advocate for mental wellness and the best guide for learning how to achieve inner peace!


Food Factory Series

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The STEMlings have been partying! But as with most parties, there is often lots of food wastage. It's now up to the STEMlings to come up with ways to effectively manage limited food resources so that they can party on. Get ready for a feast! The STEMling Food Factory Series is here to spice up the STEMlings' world!

The standard unit of power; the perfect aptronym for the leader of the STEMlings.

Bright colours and boundless energy, that is Fruity. It would be a berry good idea to invite Fruity to any party where it will surely take the centre stage!

Patty is the meat of the operation and is all for automation and efficiency. Patty loves to use the latest technology to optimise food recipes!

To Belly, its brains are as important as its belly. No one else can come up with a more interesting and creative recipe!

If you are what you eat, Juicy indeed loves watermelon! Of course, Juicy would Om Nom Nom on anything.

How to get your hands on these STEMlings?

Online Order:

  1. Click here and select "STEMling Collectible".
  2. Choose your preferred date of collection.
  3. Select your preferred STEMling series and quantity.
  4. Proceed to checkout and save your e-receipt.
  5. Lastly, head down to Science Centre Singapore's Visitor Services Centre and show your e-receipt to the staff to collect your STEMlings!

Onsite Purchase:

You may also visit Curiosity Shop at Science Centre Singapore to handpick your STEMling collectible blind box.

  • Available in 2 series, 10 designs in total
  • $12.90 per blind box
  • Limited quantity, while stocks last

Don't miss out on the opportunity to own a piece of Science Centre Singapore's exclusive collectible series. Embrace the thrill of the unknown and start your collection now!

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