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Must-Do Activities for an Exciting Day at Science Centre Singapore

Whether you are a science enthusiast, an eager learner, or simply looking for something fun to do, make your visit to Science Centre Singapore! And if you are not sure what exactly to do there, read our guide to make the most of your experience.

Get ready to embark on a journey of discovery, exploration, and endless possibilities as we delve into the exhilarating realm of science and beyond!

1. Explore different exhibitions

When it comes to immersing yourself in the captivating world of science, Science Centre Singapore offers a plethora of awe-inspiring exhibitions that are sure to ignite your curiosity.

Prepare yourself for an extraordinary exploration into the nitty gritty details of human waste, toilets, and sanitation with the delightfully quirky "Know Your Poo" exhibition. Bursting with humour and educational value, this exhibition dares to dive into a taboo topic, offering a fun experience that will leave you both entertained and enlightened. 

Shift your perspective on age and ageing with the captivating "Dialogue with Time" exhibition. As the globe's population continues to age, this interactive exhibition presents a unique take on the ageing process, urging you to understand and embrace the complexities of growing older.

Or step into darkness, where over 50 laser beams create a challenging maze. Your agility and reflexes will be put to the test as you navigate through the obstacles, attempting to complete the mission unscathed. Ensure you do not miss Professor Crackitt's Light Fantastic Mirror Maze — an expansive labyrinth of life-sized mirrors, offering an immersive experience with infinite reflections and endless hallways.

The Energy Titans Show and Fire Tornado Show guarantee a visually stunning spectacle, while the Phobia²: The Science of Fear exhibition invites you to embark on a journey of self-discovery, delving into the intriguing realm of fear.

But these are not all — there is a diverse range of exhibits, each brimming with knowledge and excitement, that will guarantee a memorable experience for visitors of all ages. 

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Science Centre Singapore

2. Catch a movie at the Omni-Theatre

Unlike conventional cinemas, the Omni-Theatre is an IMAX movie theatre that goes above and beyond, offering you a truly special experience. Equipped with a cutting-edge digital planetarium system, it transports you to the depths of space with its astonishing 8K resolution. 

But the Omni-Theatre is not just a window to the cosmos. It is also a place where education and entertainment intertwine seamlessly. Take a seat in the 221-seat IMAX movie theatre and prepare to be enthralled by a range of digital movies and live planetarium shows conducted by knowledgeable and passionate science educators. 



3. Embark on an exciting escape room adventure 

Escape @ Science Centre (E.S.C.) is not your typical escape room venue. It seamlessly fuses the beloved escape room concept with the wonders of STEM, offering an immersive journey filled with surprises, innovative challenges, and mind-bending puzzles that will leave you wanting more. 

Get ready to be intrigued by unique storylines and fresh, STEM-themed puzzles that push the boundaries of knowledge, skill, and tenacity. If you are expecting the usual combination locks and cyphers, you are in for a surprise. E.S.C. challenges your intellect and problem-solving abilities in ways you have never imagined.

There are three captivating concepts, each providing a distinct world for you to immerse yourself in:
● Museum of Humankind: Enter a realm where you take on the role of the last humans alive, facing unique challenges in a post-apocalyptic setting.
● Shangri-La: Become avatars navigating a glitching metaverse, where the lines between reality and virtuality blur, and every decision counts.
● Dr. X: Join the ranks of desperate individuals in search of a lost friend, unravelling mysteries and overcoming obstacles in a race against time.

Escape Room Thumbnail

4. Beat the heat at Waterworks

When the sun is blazing and the temperature soars, there is no better place to seek respite and excitement than Waterworks, a kids' water park at Science Centre Singapore.

Get ready to be amazed by the magnificent Water Clock Tower, which serves as a hub of scientific measurements. Who says learning cannot be fun? Keep your eyes peeled for the anemometer which measures wind speed, the windsock that elegantly indicates wind direction, and the rain gauge that meticulously measures rainfall, all while having a splashing good time!

But the excitement does not stop there — navigate the Water Maze at the kids’ water park, an interactive adventure that blends fun and education. As you venture through a maze of water jets, prepare to get a little wet while discovering the vital role water plays in our lives.

Beat the heat at Waterworks

5. Experience winter at Snow City

Snow City, the nation's first permanent indoor snow playground, lets you experience the magic of winter regardless of the tropical climate outside its doors. 

The snow level, meticulously maintained at an impressive 400mm in depth, creates a surreal environment that mirrors the snowy landscapes of far-flung destinations. What makes this indoor snow playground even more extraordinary is the sheer amount of snow required to cover its expansive snow grounds. A staggering 150 tons of snow produced on-site using a specially-designed snow gun are meticulously spread across the area, ensuring a truly immersive and authentic experience.  

Nestled within this winter wonderland also lies an impressive three-storey high, 60-meter long snow slope that beckons thrill-seekers of all ages.

Experience winter at Snow City-Indoor snow playground

6. Embark on a mesmerising stargazing journey

Step into the world of stars, planets, and constellations with Science Centre Singapore’s stargazing activity. Offering two captivating programmes, the observatory provides an immersive journey into the night sky. It is strategically positioned at the following geographical coordinates: 1.3342 deg N latitude, 103.7357 deg E longitude, 15.27 m Height (m.s.l). Being one of the few observatories worldwide situated near the Equator, our unique location expands the celestial panorama, allowing us to observe constellations in both the northern and southern celestial hemispheres.

The “Stargazing and Digital Planetarium live show” introduces you to the stars, planets, and constellations that make up the universe. If you are eager to dive deeper into the mysteries of the night sky, the “Stargazer Experience” is a hands-on journey where you will discover how to set up and use a telescope. 

Our observatory enhances your stargazing experience with:

● A 40-cm Cassegrain reflector telescope with a combined focal length of 520 cm.
● A 15-cm apochromatic Kepler refractor sub-telescope with a focal length of 180 cm.
● Portable telescopes and a smaller observation dome housing our second-largest telescope — a Cassegrain reflector setup comprising an 11" telescope coupled with a 7" telescope.


7. Shop an array of STEM toys

At Science Centre Singapore’s Curiosity Shop, we have STEM-themed toys to nurture curiosity, spark creativity, and foster a love for STEM subjects. 

Whether you are searching for the perfect gift for your child or seeking to inspire a friend's passion for science, the shop offers a treasure trove of possibilities.

Shop an array of STEM toys

Explore, Discover, and Learn at Science Centre Singapore

Science Centre Singapore is a haven for inquisitive minds, a playground for the curious, and a gateway to a world of endless wonder. As you navigate the exhibits, engage in activities, and connect with fellow enthusiasts, you unlock the secrets of science and embark on an extraordinary adventure of knowledge and discovery. 

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