Abbott GROW Show You Can!


What is it about?

It is an annual event for young children to showcase their talents and learn more about science through creative performances. The performance will allow children to develop confidence and instil interest in science and the arts.


Is there a theme for Abbott GROW Show You Can! 2022?

The theme for Abbott GROW Show You Can! 2022 is GROWing Up Strong and Healthy. It is important for us to stay strong and healthy; Do you know what it takes? Show off your children’s talents by staging a performance on leading a healthy lifestyle. Show You Can 2022 aims to promote nutrition and active lifestyle to young children through a five-minute performance.


Abbott GROW Show You Can! 2022 had come to an end. Do look out for the next Show You Can! in 2023.


For more information or enquiries, please contact us at or call us at 6425 0116.