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Abbott GROW Show You Can! 2019

As we conclude Abbott GROW Show You Can! 2019, we would like to thank our sponsor, Abbott, for their support in this event. There were so many creative and interesting performances this year and we recognise and appreciate the dedication and support that the teachers, parents and performers have put into the auditions and finals. Good job to all the teams for putting up splendid performances!

See you again at Show You Can! 2020!

Abbott GROW Show You Can!


What is it about?


It is an annual event for young children to showcase their talents and learn more about science through creative performances. The performance will allow children to develop confidence and instill interest in science and the arts.


Is there a theme for Abbott GROW Show You Can! 2020?


The theme for Show You Can! 2020 is “The Nature Adventure!”. In this concrete jungle with ongoing technological advancements, how can one feel connected to nature? Through arts and creative drama, Show You Can! 2020 aims to instil the importance of outdoor learning. Unleash your students’ talents and show us how we can explore different ways of interacting with nature! 


How do I participate?

  • Participants must be 4 - 6 years old students. (up to 10 students per group)


  • The registration fee for this competition is $25 per team. All participating preschools will receive a ‘Certificate of Participation’ and entitled for admission to KidsSTOP™ for a free play session.


  • Click here to find out more about this competition.



Dates for Abbott GROW Show You Can! 2020

Closing Registration Date31 April 2020
Auditions30 June - 3 July 2020
Grand Finals30 July 2020