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A day of fabulous firsts.

July the 10th marked an incredible meeting of minds at Science Centre Singapore, sparked by the Young Persons' Plan for the Planet program (YPPP). Aussie students from Pimlico State High (Townsville) and Singapore’s Homeschool met in a face-to-face mentoring workshop - to discuss issues as well as share ideas and solutions to sustainability issues faced in their home countries.

As an icebreaker, the students each shared five things about themselves, one of which was a lie. It was super fun trying to figure out the lies! They also enlightened one another by highlighting interesting things about their home countries.

Young Persons’ Plan for the Planet

Pimlico State High (experienced in the YPPP Program) shared of its projects that aimed to achieve carbon neutrality and shape public behaviour against wasteful practices while the Singapore Homeschool group communicated its ideas on managing our ageing population, care for students with special needs, waste minimisation and clean energy.

The students then got into groups to discuss sustainability issues - exploring views from a different country’s perspective. They also delved into the United Nation’s Sustainability Developments Goals (UNSDG) that target education, marine life, and climate change – figuring how these goals related to Australia and Singapore.

During the discussions, different opinions were shared, new ideas were raised, and friendships were formed. The cross-cultural exchange culminated in a lively presentation of co-developed ideas that included the impact of shipping on marine life, transportation’s effect on climate change, and action to support special needs students.

After the workshop, the students exchanged gifts with one another - with some Singapore students sharing food recommendations with their Australian counterparts!

Working hard to turn their plans into action, the students now look forward to catching up with one another at the next YPPP Conference - to be hosted in Singapore year end, where they will meet and work with other international counterparts including Mauritius and India.

Mauritius hosted the international pilot of the Young Persons’ Plan for the Planet program in 2018. Singapore plays hosts in 2019.

By James Koh (Curriculum Specialist)