Two promising events showcasing promising student works are being curated by the Digital Fabrication Space (DFS) at Science Centre Singapore (SCS). They include:

1. Fashion Show on 24 Nov 2023 @ Earth Alive Exhibition (private event)
2. Art Showcase from 25 Nov 2023 – 8 Dec 2023 @ Urban Mutations Exhibition (open to public, featuring art pieces as well as exhibits from the Fashion Show)

DFSXArtist - Img 1 resize A

Both events will expose students to design thinking, digital fabrication and art, gifting them the tools to bring them to life, and provide the platform to exhibit their works at Science Centre Singapore. Through hands-on experience with digital fabrication equipment and guidance from experienced full-time artists and DFS mentors, students will gain valuable skills that allow them to create unique pieces that meld art with technology.

The integration of art into our Centre’s signature DFS X Artist programme inspired the value of organising these innovative events - that bring out the hidden essence of digital fabrication capabilities before people to admire and understand them. 

Involving students, DFS mentors and local artists in a harmonious and collaborative endeavour not only contributes to the ingenuity and creativity of the works produced but also fosters engagement with the local community when they get displayed. 

The pairing of students with hand-picked local artists provides them a window into art and presentation. Students will acquire invaluable digital fabrication skills through a series of 2D laser cutting and 3D printing workshops curated meticulously by DFS mentors. Once equipped with new knowledge and skills, they can then develop their concepts using the DFS equipment in alignment with the theme of their design.

Last year’s avant-garde showcase was exhibited over 18-20 Nov at DFS featuring inspirational art pieces created by talented Nanyang Girls’ High students. Here are some images of their thought-provoking artwork.

So drop into SCS for the Art Showcase over 25 Nov – 8 Dec 2023 to view the student works which will also include all the contemporary and cultural artifacts from the fashion show! 

We look forward to welcoming you then! :)