Maintenance notice

GingerLily @ FM is closed for maintenance until further notice.
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KidsSTOP™ entrance closure

KidsSTOP™ Car Pouch Area, Critters Room & Playmaker Studio will be closed from 27 to 30 May for KidsSTOP™ Mess-ive Science Party set-up.
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DFS Door Sticker

What is the Digital Fabrication Space (DFS) all about?

The Digital Fabrication Space (DFS) has traditionally been a hotbed of purposeful activity for the schooling community. Since its inception, numerous school groups have been purposefully engaged in a host of STEM workshops through which they have become conversant with the tools and skills of digital fabrication. 

Building on the success of this, the Centre has broadened the scope and accessibility of DFS programmes by facilitating vibrant internships as well as purposeful partner-run programmes by Institutes of Higher Learning (IHLs) and industry. These initiatives dovetail perfectly, enabling the DFS to transcend its functionality as a mere space for activity into an endearing and dynamic gateway to STEM education.

By acquiring the STEM Mindset, learners gain the confidence to harness technology and apply that competently in problem solving, prototyping and product development.

Through the continual refinement of its initiatives, philosophy and values, Science Centre Singapore is confident that the DFS will remain relevant and relatable to every learner that comes through its doors.

All those who enrol in the STEM programmes facilitated at the DFS will join a community of learners where their experiences will shape a positive mindset towards STEM applications and careers.

Science Centre Singapore wishes all aspiring learners an enlightening and empowering journey ahead!

The Digital Fabrication Space is located within the Einstein Room on level two of Science Centre Singapore.
  • Programme Booklet
    Click here to download the DFS Programme Booklet
  • Training Courses

    Training courses for prototyping as well as for using the various machines available in DFS

    2D CAD:

    • 2D stack art
    • Fast Prototyping with 2D CAD (1)
    • Infinity Mirror
    • Vertigo!
    • Paper Packaging Techniques (1)
    • Fast Prototyping with 2D CAD (2)
    • Impeller Pumps
    • Paper Packaging Techniques (2)

    3D CAD:

    • 3D Design Fundamentals
    • Fast Prototyping with 3D CAD (1)
    • Design Your Own Phone Cover
    • 3D Puzzle
    • Fast Prototyping with 3D CAD (2)


    • Micro:pet
    • Smart Devices With Grove Kit (1)
    • Smart Devices With Grove Kit (2)
    • Microcontrollers 101
    • LightBox Camp
    • Robotic Arm Camp


  • Fabrication Services

    The Fabrication Services includes:

    • 3D Printing
    • Laser Cutting and Engraving
    • Product Fabrication Services (on submission of design file)

  • Equipment Rental

    The following machines are available for rental within the Digital Fabrication Space premises:

    • Laser Cutting Machines
    • 3D Printers, 3D Scanner
    • PCB Milling Machine

    The forms and procedures for making the rental are available in the Procedures section.


Procedure for renting our fabrication machines at DFS

  1. Email for the relevant forms
  2. Fill and email request form to
  3. DFS will reply to the requestor on acceptance within 1-2 days with estimated process/set up time if possible.
  4. User to arrive at DFS (Science Centre Singapore, Level 2, Einstein Room) about 10 min to collect their material (if the material is to be supplied), agree to the terms and conditions, sign the request form and make payment before using the machine, a receipt will be issued. *Science Centre admission applies.
  5. The machine will be handed over to requestor. Requestor to check the machine in working condition.
  6. Requestor to handover machine to DFS when done. DFS to check the machine in good condition.