About Emerging Technologies Applied Learning Programme

The 21st century has witnessed the advent of numerous new technologies that aim to revolutionize the way we think, communicate and live. Earphones have become wireless, payment shifts from cash to contactless transactions, and cars are becoming driverless. 

With a simple tap on our smartphones, we can now plan our next vacation, order food and groceries via delivery, book a dental appointment and navigate to our destination with ease.

Conferencing apps and high-speed internet have empowered employees to telecommute and work remotely at a phenomenal scale and convenience that our predecessors never would have imagined. These creations are only the beginning of what is about to come.

The Emerging Technologies Applied Learning Programme aims to help students understand technological affordances and their applications both in our present-day lives and in overcoming future challenges. The process helps students examine how technologies can be carefully harnessed and capitalised to create new possibilities, improve quality of life and overcome present-day barriers while mitigating their cost and impact on society. 

They will explore the availability and functions of emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, automation, 5G network, biometrics, wearables, 3D printing, cloud computing and the internet of things (IoT). 

Through hands-on activities, students are given opportunities to research and design their own prototypes to solve real-world problems. For example, they may learn to use IoT to build a smart classroom model that facilitates meaningful and interactive lessons, construct a wearable technology that will provide contact tracing during a pandemic, or program a parking system that guides drivers using real-time information for car park vacancies to prevent traffic congestion and diminish waiting time.

At the heart of this ALP, we want students who will inherit the future to sow the seeds of digital solutions for present-day problems. They may well be the ones who will invent the next emerging technology that will change the way we live.


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