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About Game Design & Making Applied Learning Programme (ALP)


With over 2 billion gamers in the world today, the global gaming industry continues to grow and expand rapidly. The next generation is investing a significant portion of their leisure time on their computers and mobile devices to enter cyberspace to build a world of their own imagination, to have fun and to overcome individual or team challenges. 

The strong demand for the latest games and newest gadgets has inspired and expanded the international community of game designers. This growing trend not only creates opportunities in the job market for this specific industry, but it also encourages young people to understand the emerging world of the future by being exposed to elements such as coding, augmented reality and machine learning through games. 

The Game Design & Making Applied Learning Programme encourages students to create games with educational themes using computational thinking and design frameworks. 

Students will have the opportunity to learn the essential components of what makes a game, understand the process of game development and brainstorm on the interactive experiences that they want their consumers to enjoy.

It is not coding just to code, but creating enjoyment, value and learning for others. The programme will test their creativity, logic, storytelling, situational thinking and spatial awareness. For example, they may construct a realistic 3D flight simulator for people to experience flying and operating an aircraft in a virtual airfield. 

Through this ALP, students will also develop 21st-century competencies like collaboration and communication skills as they undergo a series of fail-try-fail experimentations to construct their games together as a team.

STEM Inc ALP Game_Design_1Students learning the use of augmented reality in Pokémon GO.

STEM Inc Game Design ALP Student using block programming to design his own game.

STEM Inc Game Design ALP An example of model simulation in game design.

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