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Inspiring students from Seng Kang Secondary School in Sports Science

A class of 40 Seng Kang Secondary School students was given the opportunity to participate in a STEMchat with 3 sports professionals from Singapore Sports Institute (SSI). The STEMchat was held on 21 February 2017 via a live web chat where students get to ask questions to the sports scientists from the comfort of their school premises, with the scientists answering from their SSI office.

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The 3 featured scientists were Ryan Hodierne (Sports Biomechanics), Ang Sin Hwee (Associate Sport Dietician) and Eesha Shah (Associate Sports Psychologist). Through the real-time online dialogue session, the sports scientists were able to inspire these students and also clarify that sports is more than just having rigorous training sessions to perfect the activity. Indeed, the scientists shed light on the importance of applying sports science to enhance the performance of the athletes.

The sports scientists received a warm cyber-welcome from the very passionate student audience. The students then proceeded to inquire about the scientists’ nature of work, their interests and hobbies, and the joys and challenges they faced at work. Some interesting questions that popped up at the webchat were “After exercise, do we shower hot or cold shower”, “What to eat to grow taller?” and “How does technology aid in sports performance?”. Png Jia Ling, a student basketballer, found the STEMchat session particularly beneficial as she could relate to the scientist’s responses with her own sports. Jia Ling even said she would incorporate the healthy lifestyle habits that she had learnt from the webchat.

All in all, the STEMchat has allowed students to better understand the different sports career tracks available. Students also learnt from questions asked by their peers and picked up a few useful fitness tips. After all, healthy living is fundamental for overall physical and mental wellness (not limited to sportsmen only!).

Written By: Siti Nurain Misman

SSI is looking to conduct a STEMchat session during end Oct/ early Nov 2017 period. Interested schools, please email