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What would you do on a Saturday morning? Perhaps sleep in while listening to your favorite music from the radio?

Instead of sleeping in, some 40 students from Yio Chu Kang Secondary School had the privilege to design and create music applications on a Saturday morning. Early bird catches the worm. Thanks to volunteers from Cognizant, our industry partner conducted a fun-filled “#JustAppify – creating your own music app” STEM workshop that students truly enjoyed.


As mentored by STEM professionals from Cognizant, the workshop started with idea creation where students worked on problem statements while allowing their ideas went wild and crazy.


After some brainstorming, the common project theme that was finally agreed upon was to create a Music Player Mobile App. This is to be done so by applying STEM solutions to solve real-world problems. Students were then presented a pre-built sample music app so as to identify the features to be improved.


Students went through critical thinking and analysis of music player user interface.


In the workshop, students worked on preliminary design and validated the practicality of their designs. They dived into the principles of good and bad designs before they went on to develop, test and then review their proposals.


Presentation, presentation, presentation. It’s cool to share and learn from one another.


With much patient guidance and encouragement from Cognizant STEM professionals, Yio Chu Kang students created their very own app using HTML and CSS coding. Upon completion of projects, each team came up with learning reflections to share with all.


Finally! Prize presentations by the end of workshop.


The workshop concluded with prize presentations and everyone won! They all brought their new skills and knowledge home, as acquired from the very engaging session conducted by Cognizant.