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On the 30th July 2018, a group of 40 enthusiastic students from Regent Secondary School and Jurongville Secondary School embark on a pirate journey to Google office to learn about Python programming using Potato Pirates, an offline coding card game which teaches algorithmic thinking. The Potato Pirates game is developed by Codomo, a learning experience design agency that drives innovation and social learning in 21st century education.


It was indeed a fruitful experience for the students as they compete among themselves using algorithmic thinking to weave strategies to defeat their peers to be the next Potato Pirate King. After going through the Potato Pirates, the students applied what they have learnt in the game to code in python their very own mini potato pirate game.


The visit ended with a tour around Google Office to expose to the students some of the interesting things that Googlers do in the office to inspire them to be the next batch of Googlers.

Written by: Low Yuan Lin (STEM Educator)