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The 2015 Shell STEM Youth Innovation Challenge competition themes revolve around sustainability of food, water, energy and eco-friendly materials. To illustrate one of the projects under the food competition theme, here is an article contributed by the Caramel team from Fuhua Secondary School. The team members are Chew Hui Si, Lee Gek Lin Elayne, Lee Kai Xin and Woo Zoe Yee.

Our project is the home compost maker called the Earth Capsule Compost Maker. It is able to convert suitable food waste into compost that can be used for household plants as fertilizers. If every household, school and kitchen plays a part in recycling food waste into compost, there will be less rubbish generated.


The Earth Capsule Compost Maker created by Fuhua Secondary School students.

This product is a simple crank mechanism. The crank will help to facilitate the composting process as it can rotate the inner container. To use it, simply open the hatch and put the food waste in. Then, turn the crank a few times every week and collect the fine compost that falls to the tray placed at the bottom of the bin.

We enjoyed the hands-on Skills Workshops organized by STEM Inc during the March holidays. My team went for the mechanisms workshop and learnt skills on sketching and the mechanisms behind a product. Our greatest challenge was coordinating the meet up sessions with our mentors, teachers and ourselves. This challenge exposed us to various types of activities and helped us gain new knowledge on design and technology. We are sure this knowledge will serve us well in years to come.


The Caramel team members from Fuhua Secondary School.