In line with the Heightened Alert in the Fight Against COVID-19, the current permissible group size of up to 8 persons will be reduced to up to 5 persons.

Welcome to the International Science Drama Competition!

The International Science Drama Competition is an annual event that allows participants to incorporate their passion for science into acting.

International Science Drama Competition 2021 (ASPAC EDMs)-02

Mark your calendars!


14 - 23 Jun 2021

GRAND FINALS @ Online Polling

23 - 27 Aug 2021

  • What is International Science Drama Competition?
    The International Science Drama Competition is an annual event aimed to promote science through drama. This is a competition involving teams from Singapore and overseas, and will be a great opportunity for you to showcase your talents and compete on an international level. 
  • What is the theme for International Science Drama Competition 2021?

    The theme for 2021 is “Sustainable Agriculture for a Better Future”, commemorating 2021 as the UN International Year of Fruits and Vegetables as well as the UN International Year of Creative Economy for Sustainable Development

    Your performance should combine scientific content and drama. Examples of some possible topics include but are not limited to the following:

    • Farming using renewable energy sources
    • Hydroponics and Aquaponics
    • Food security
    • Protecting the environment as we meet society's food and textile needs
  • How do I participate in International Science Drama Competition 2021?

    Junior Category 

    • All participants must be age 12 or below, excluding teachers or adults who can help as backstage crew. 

    Open Category 

    • There is no age limit for participants; teams will compete in this category when at least one member is above age 12. 

    Short Films Category [NEW!]

    • There is no age limit for participants. More details in the circular below.

    You may participate with your friends, families or community groups. You may represent your school or an organisation or just form a team and compete on your own. Simply:

  • Key Dates of International Science Drama Competition 2021
    5 Apr Submission of entry forms
    5 May Video submission deadline for Preliminary round
    19 May Shortlisted Singapore finalists will be informed
    7 June Video submission deadline for Singapore Finals
       14-23 Jun   Live Polling of Videos by the Singapore Finalists (online)
    28 Jun Results Announcement for Singapore Finals
    22 Jul Video submission deadline for Grand Finals
    23 – 27 Aug Live Polling of Videos by all Finalists (online)
    28 Aug Results Announcement for Grand Finals (online)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What should I fill in under "Nationality" if my team composed of members of a different nationality?
    • Pick the nationality of the majority of your team members.
  2. Do I fill in the same first and last name, and email address under registration info and registration type?
    • If there is another point of contact for the category registered under registration type, kindly fill in the name and email address of the point of contact for the respective categories, e.g. name and email address of team leader. If the point of contact for the category registered is the same as that under “Registration Info”, do key in the same name and email address.
  3. Can teams sign up for more than one category?
    • Should a school or organisation decide to register more than 1 team in the same category, there should be no repetition of team members across teams; the same team members can, however, participate across categories, e.g. Member A can take part in Junior Category and Short Films Category.
    • Should a team participate in more than one category, the same storyline cannot be repeated.
  4. Are there any Safe Management Measures (SMMs) in place for participating teams in ISDC 2021?
    • Kindly refer to the SMMs for ISDC 2021.

Contact Details:

If you have any questions regarding the International Science Drama Competition (ISDC), please email to:

Mr SEE Eng Sheng at (6425 2599)

Ms Melody CHEW at (6425 2531)

Ms LIM Huan at (6425 2441)

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