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Let your students’ creativity blossom in the annual Sony Creative Science Award (SCSA). It is Singapore’s largest national toy-making competition for primary school students, jointly organised by Science Centre Singapore and Sony Group of Companies in Singapore, with the support of the Ministry of Education.

Every year, thousands of primary school students let their creativity run and get their hands down to bringing their amazing ideas to life. Through SCSA, these students get to engage in exploratory and skilful play with the addition of science learning.

SCSA 2023

We are happy to inform you that the Sony Creative Science Award will be back for its 26th Edition! Keep your eyes peeled as we progressively update you with more details and information on the competition.

The official competition registration is now open! Kindly register for SCSA 2023 here. Do note that this registration will overwrite the previous registration of interest that you might have submitted. Do also take note that if you submit multiple entries for this official registration, only the latest submission will be taken into account by the organising team.

If you have missed SCSA 2022, not to worry, you can look back at the past photos and videos, including SCSA 2022 Awards Ceremony on our SCSA Facebook page.



Virtual Teachers' Briefing

24 February 2023

Onsite Teachers' Workshop and Students' Workshop

Late March 2023

Official Competition Registration for SCSA 2023

1 March to 10 July 2023

Toy Submission1 to 3 August 2023

Collection of Toys 


(for toys that have not been shortlisted)

21 to 23 August 2023
Final Judging Round20 September 2023
Diamond Award Sharing with Committee22 September 2023
Awards Ceremony & Toy Exhibition9 November 2023

We look forward to receiving your school's toy submissions for SCSA 2023!

SCSA Resource Cloud Drive

Here is the Google Drive with the resources required such as the playbook for teachers. The Teachers Award nomination forms and submission templates will also be made available here.


The SCSA competition involves two main categories:
  • Junior WhizKid Category - Primary 1 & 2

In this category, Primary 1 & 2 participants will have to incorporate “TWIST & TURNS” as a functional component (not just as decorative) in their creation. (Kindly note that the above theme was from SCSA 2022 and will change every year.)

  • WhizKid Category - Primary 3 to 6

In this category, Primary 3 to 6 participants can submit any toy creation that demonstrates scientific concepts creatively and submit a journal of the toy-making process together with the toy.

SCSA Terms and Conditions

By submitting your application/registration for participation in SCSA, you agree that:

a. Any and all personal data submitted by you in the course of your application/registration for and participation in SCSA may be collected, used and/or disclosed by the organisers for various purposes, including to communicate with you for purposes related to SCSA, and such other purposes the organisers may reasonably deem appropriate, or in relation to which you have otherwise provided your consent;

b. The organisers may collect, use, disclose and share with its joint organisers and/or service providers, your personal data, including photographs or audio-video or other recordings of you captured or obtained by or for SCSA ("Material"), for publicity and/or use in advertisements across all media, including, without limitation, in the organisers' publications, presentations, promotional materials on its websites, in its original or edited format, whether to promote SCSA or otherwise, and without further notification, remuneration or compensation to you; and

c. The copyright and all other intellectual property rights in and to all Material shall vest solely and absolutely in SCSA without further compensation

2) All toy entries submitted must be original. Toy entries that are replicas of commercially available products will be disqualified. The full award quantum awarded to disqualified participants will be refunded fully. 

3) The decision of the SCSA Committee and Judging Panel is final.

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  • About SCSA (Schools)

    What is the SCSA (Schools) Competition?

    The SCSA (Schools) is organised by schools internally, before the SCSA competition. Schools will evaluate, judge and shortlist their best entries for submission to the SCSA competition.

    To assist schools in organising their own SCSA (Schools), the SCSA organisers will provide certificates for all SCSA (Schools) participants, and up to 50 exclusive SCSA token pins. Schools running the SCSA (Schools) will also have the rights to use the SCSA mascots in the school’s publicity materials related to the competition.   

    How to qualify for an SCSA (Schools) Competition

    A minimum of 30 students (maximum of 2 students for each submission) is required to qualify for SCSA (Schools).  This allows SCSA (Schools) Competition to be conducted on a small scale (one participating class), medium-scale (one participating level), or large scale (entire school) – it is up to the school to plan a competition on the scale that they feel comfortable handling.

    Check out more details and information on planning for SCSA (Schools) here: 
    SCSA 2023 Playbook for Teachers can be accessed here!

    Learn how teachers had organised their SCSA (Schools) Competitions:

    SCSA 2014 Diamond Award Sharing (From Mr Danny Asmara from Yew Tee Primary School)

    SCSA 2013 Diamond Award Sharing (From Ms Joyus Lian - Pei Chun Public School)

  • Student Awards & Prizes

    Student winners will stand to win the following prizes:

    • Junior WhizKid Category(Primary 1 & 2)
      • Commendation Award – Sony product voucher worth S$150 each
      • Merit Award – Sony product voucher worth S$100 each
    • WhizKid (Primary 3 to 6) 
      • First Prize - Sony product voucher worth S$1,000
      • Second Prize - Sony product voucher worth S$600
      • Third Prize - Sony product voucher worth S$300
      • Commendation Award – Sony product voucher worth S$150 each
      • Merit Award – Sony product voucher worth S$100 each 
      • Sustainability Award (NEW!)**– Sony product voucher worth up to S$300


    * Prizes will be shared should there be any joint winners.

    ** Toys would be considered ‘Sustainable’ if they meet any of the following criteria:

    • Use of renewable sources of energy (solar, wind, harnessing of movement of water)
    • Use of recyclable materials

  • Teacher Awards & Prizes

    Teachers involved in the organising of the SCSA (Schools) Competition in their schools are eligible to receive the following awards:

    The Blue Ribbon Award seeks to recognise:

    • the influence teachers have on their students in the SCSA (Schools) Competition;
    • the role that teachers have in motivating their students;
    • the role teachers play in guiding, mentoring, and advising students; and
    • teachers that achieve results outside the classroom.

    Diamond Award seeks to recognise the following in addition to the Blue Ribbon Award teachers that:

    • Have won at least two SCSA Blue Ribbon Awards prior.
    • Emphasises the participation and success of the nominated teacher’s students in the SCSA competition.
    • Have a track record of improving students’ achievements, using innovative out-of-classroom programme and activities, and making a difference in the students.
    • Overcame challenges in order to positively impact students in the competition.
    • Have been involved in SCSA for at least 3 consecutive years (e.g. applied for Diamond Award in 2023, must be active in 2021, 2022, and 2023);
    • Received the SCSA Blue Ribbon Award in each of the previous two years;
    • Emphasizes awareness and participation of students in the SCSA competition; and
    • Displayed a track record of improving students’ achievements, using innovative out-of-classroom programme/activity.
  • School Awards & Prizes

    Schools that participate in the SCSA (Schools) will be recognised with the following award:

    • Friends of SCSA Award

    Schools that have consistently organised SCSA (Schools) for three consecutive years will be recognised for their support with the "Friends of SCSA" Award Certification.

    • Schools of Top 3 Winners

    Schools producing the top three winners in the ScizKid and WhizKid Award category will receive cash prizes of up to $1,000 and a certificate.

    • Most Number of Shortlisted Toys

    Schools with the most number of shortlisted toys for each category will each receive a cash prize of $1,000 and a certificate.


    * Prizes will be shared should there be any joint winners.


  • Past Winners & Flashback

    Past Winners

    Click here to view the award winners from year 1999 to 2017.

    Click here for 2018 Award Winners

    Click here for 2019 Award Winners

    Click here for 2020 Award Winners

    Click here for 2021 Award Winners

    Click here for 2022 Award Winners


    Started in 1998, the Sony Creative Science Award aims to stimulate interest in science among Singaporean primary school students, and to foster creativity. It also creates an opportunity to learn science beyond the classrooms, in a fun and enjoyable way.

    When the competition first started, toys could only be made of common and recycled materials. This restriction was removed in 2001. The rule was changed so as to give the participants a wider range of materials to choose from, so that their toys will be sturdier and have a better finish.

    In 2018, the competition format was revised.

    These were the previous years' themes:



    2003-2004  Animal Movement (using motor)
    2005Faces (using motor)
    2006Unusual Faces (using motor)
    2007Magnetic Motion (using magnets)
    2008Make Me Laugh (using springs)
    2009 Make Us Laugh (using springs)
    2010 I Can Dance
    2011 Light, Sound, Action
    2012My Dream Toy
    2015Lift Me Up
    2016Rise and Shine

25 Years SCSA Logo

About SCSA

Started in 1998, the Sony Creative Science Award (SCSA) aims to develop and promote interest as well as creativity in science among primary school students in Singapore. It also provides an opportunity to learn science beyond the classrooms, in a fun and enjoyable way. 

In this competition, primary school students are invited to use their imagination and creativity to make toys that demonstrate scientific principles. Workshops covering communications, creativity and hands-on sessions for both students and teachers are also provided as part of the SCSA programme. 

About 5000 entries from 90 primary schools are received each year, making this competition very popular with students.