Singapore Science Buskers

Singapore Science Buskers 2022

Singapore Science Buskers 2022 will adopt similar competition objectives as SSB 2021 and hope to continue developing each individual's communication skills through expressions of science in a creative manner.

Participants will still present and do a "show-and-tell" on any science topic. Busking and judging will be based on judges’ criteria and public voting.  

If you are keen to participate in the competition, do indicate your interest by submitting the form here.  Do submit your registration by 1 July 2022.

The competition format and details will also be shared with you upon submission of the form. The competition timeline will begin from June 2022 with the finals held in October 2022. 


What is Science Busking?

  • Science Busking is an effective way of communicating science.
  • Science Busking takes live demonstrations and interpretations to people.
  • Science Busking is very live, interactive, and can be very rewarding!

SSB 2022 Final Busking Round Results

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SSB 2022 People's Choice Award

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Singapore Science Buskers 2021 Winners Announcement



  • Who can participate and how?
    Who can participate?
    • Anyone aged 7 years old and above
    • You can participate as an individual or a team of up to 3 members.
    How to register?

    Registration for SSB 2022 has closed!

    Participants can take part in one of the following main categories:
    • Primary School 
    • Secondary School
    • Tertiary / Open (adults)
  • Key Dates




    Stage 1

    Teacher’s Briefing

    19 April 2022 (Tues)
    3.30pm – 4.30pm 


    20 April (Wed) – 1 July 2022 (Fri) 

    Stage 2

    Virtual Workshop on Science Busking 

    30 June 2022 ( Thur) 3.30pm – 4.30pm 

    Stage 3

    Virtual Audition Round

    Mid July
    18 - 22 July 

    Finalists Announcement

    Mid Aug 

    Onsite Masterclass for Finalists 

    29 August 2022 (Thurs) @ Science Centre Singapore

    Stage 4

    People’s Choice Awards
    Video Submission 

    16 September 2022 (Fri)

    Online Voting 

    1 - 28 October

    Stage 5

    Onsite Final Round + Award Ceremony

    29 October 2022 (Sat) 8.30am - 5.30pm



  • Judging Criteria
    ScoreJudging Criteria for Final Busking Round Remarks
    30%Science Communication
    • Explanations of demonstrations shown must be scientifically accurate and use scientifically precise and correct language without overwhelming the audience with jargon. 
    • Ability to explain science concepts in everyday language without compromising on the science accuracy
    Scoring by Judges
    • Ability to engage, interest and excite the audience
    • How much ‘wow’ factor in the busking
    • Ability to make the audience feel inspired and walk away with the feeling that they have learnt something
    20%Setup, Costume, Overall look and feel
    • Creative and innovative ways of showcasing demonstrations
    • Blending of the look & feel with the science concepts presented
    • Creative booth design concepts
    20%Offline Public Voting
    • Judges and public will be given physical voting token(s) to vote for their favourite busker(s)
    • Full 20% will be awarded to the top team in each category with the highest number of physical votes and subsequent teams’ scoring will be based on this highest number of votes.
    i.e. Team ABC has 50 votes (highest), Team DEF has 40 votes à Team ABC will be awarded 20%, Team DEF will be awarded 40/50 x 20% = 16%. 
    Determined by physical votes


  • Prizes to be won
    You could win:








    For each category.
    1. Primary,
    2. Secondary,
    3. Tertiary/Open 



    $800 Vouchers + Trophy + Cert + SCS Performance/Filming* Contract



    1st Runner Up


    $600 Vouchers + Trophy + Cert + SCS Performance/Filming* Contract



    2nd Runner Up


    $500 Vouchers + Trophy + Cert + SCS Performance/Filming* Contract



    Judges Awards


    5 prizes for Primary
    3 prizes for Secondary
    2 prizes for Tertiary/Open



    $200 Vouchers each + Cert


    Popularity Awards:
    Most Creative Video



    For each category.
    1. Primary,
    2. Secondary,
    3. Tertiary/Open 


    $200 Vouchers each + Cert


    Popularity Awards:
    Best On-Camera Talents


    $200 Vouchers each + Cert


    Popularity Awards:
    Best Science Communication


    $200 Vouchers each + Cert


  • Terms & Conditions

    By submitting your application/registration for participation in Singapore Science Buskers (SSB), you agree that:

    a. Any and all personal data submitted by you in the course of your application/registration for and participation in SSB may be collected, used and/or disclosed by the organisers for various purposes, including to communicate with you for purposes related to SSB, and such other purposes the organisers may reasonably deem appropriate, or in relation to which you have otherwise provided your consent;

    b. The organisers may collect, use, disclose and share with its joint organisers and/or service providers, your personal data, including photographs or audio-video or other recordings of you captured or obtained by or for SSB ("Material"), for publicity and/or use in advertisements across all media, including, without limitation, in the organisers' publications, presentations, promotional materials on its websites, in its original or edited format, whether to promote SSB or otherwise, and without further notification, remuneration or compensation to you’

  • Past Winners

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