After two years of exciting virtual competition, National Robotics Challenge (NRC) is finally coming back on-site! NRC is an exciting game-based robotic competition that provides an opportunity for participants to develop their creativity and problem-solving skills in a fun and engaging way. Join the largest robotics competition in Singapore now!

To assist participants in preparing for the upcoming competitions, playfields are available for booking at Science Centre Singapore:


Time Slot



15th August 2022 (Mon)

10.00 AM – 11.30 AM

11.30 AM – 1.00 PM

1.00 PM – 2.30 PM

2.30 PM – 4.00 PM


  • WRO RoboMission (Regular) - Primary
  • WRO RoboMission (Regular) - Secondary
  • WRO RoboMission (Regular) – Tertiary
  • NRC Junior Robotics

Science Centre Singapore








16th August 2022 (Tue)

17th August 2022 (Wed)

18th August 2022 (Thu)

19th August 2022 (Fri)

22nd August 2022 (Mon)

23rd August 2022 (Tue)

24th August 2022 (Wed)

25th August 2022 (Thu)

26th August 2022 (Fri)

To book time slots for the playfields, please email us at Kindly take note that reservations are on a first-come-first-served basis.


NRC 2022 Tournaments

NRC 2022 promises to be filled with many more challenges, excitement and surprises! This year, the competitions (other than CoderZ Coding Challenge) will be held live on-site at Science Centre Singapore from 23 August to 10 September 2022. The theme for this year is “My Robot, My Friend”. The competition will also be opened to International Schools and overseas teams.

For further enquires, kindly email to


  • WRO® RoboMission (Regular)

    Age: Primary: 8-12 years old | Secondary: 13-16 years old | Tertiary: 16-19 years old

    Team size: 2-3 people guided by a coach/mentor

    Hardware: LEGO® based

    Software: Free choice

    Maximum size: Max. 25 x 25 x 25 cm

    Characteristics: Build and program a robot that solves challenges on a field.

    WRO® RoboMission is a challenge-based competition. Students must design, construct and program an autonomous robot that can solve specific challenges on a field. Because the field is set up randomly each round, the robot needs to be able to make its own decisions during the run.

    All parts of the robot, including controller, motors and sensors must be from LEGO® (MINDSTORMS® NXT or EV3, SPIKE PRIME or Robot Inventor).
    Note: WRO RoboMission was called Regular category until 2021.

    Format and Competition Dates:


    Primary 29th – 30th August 2022
    Secondary 31st August – 1st September 2022
    Tertiary 2nd September 2022


    Shortlisted teams will be selected and will be invited for the finals.

    Presentation Finals 3rd September 2022

    Robot Run:


    Primary 5th – 6th September 2022
    Secondary 7th – 8th September 2022
    Tertiary 9th September 2022


    Shortlisted teams will be selected and will be invited for the finals. Surprise rules may be introduced for the finals.

    Robot Run Finals

    (Top 20 of Primary and Secondary category, Top 10 for Tertiary category)

    10th September 2022

    The format of the competition is adapted from the international WRO RoboMission. Details of the scoring mechanism for Qualifiers and Finals can be found in the WRO RoboMission 2022 - General Rules document.


    DOWNLOAD WRO® RoboMission (Regular) Challenge Booklets here!

    01 WRO RoboMission Challenge Booklet (Revised on 25 July 2022)(General Rules)

    01a RoboMission_Primary

    01b RoboMission_Secondary

    01c RoboMission_Tertiary (Revised on 18 August 2022)


    DOWNLOAD WRO® RoboMission (Regular) Challenge Playmat here!


    Check out the recorded webinar and slides below.

    WRO RoboMission Webinar Slides

  • WRO® Future Innovators (Open)

    Age: Primary: 8-12 years old | Secondary: 13-16 years old | Tertiary: 16-19 years old

    Team size: 2-3 people guided by a coach/ mentor

    Hardware: Free choice - Teams at WRO International Final have the option to win the LEGO Education creativity award if they mainly LEGO branded controllers.

    Software: Free choice

    Maximum size: Must fit in 2x2x2m booth

    Characteristics: Develop a robot project that helps solve real world problems.

    Our Future Innovators category is a project-based competition. Students create their own innovative intelligent robotics solution relating to the current theme of the season. There is no restriction on the use of materials. This includes free choice of controllers, motors, sensors, etc.

    Teams will present their project and their robot model to a group of judges on the competition day. The judges will not only grade the robot solution but will also look at aspects of innovation and entrepreneurship.

    Note: WRO Future Innovators was called Open category until 2021.


    Format and Competition Dates:

    Presentation + Robot Demonstration:

    Primary9th September 2022
    Secondary9th September 2022
    Tertiary9th September 2022

    The format of the competition is adapted from the international WRO Future Innovators. Details of the scoring mechanism can be found in the WRO Future Innovators 2022 - General Rules document.

    DOWNLOAD WRO® Future Innovators (Open) Challenge Booklet here!

    02 WRO Future Innovators (Revised on 4 August 2022)


    Check out the recorded webinar and slides below.

    WRO Future Innovators Webinar Slides


  • WRO® Future Engineers


    Age: 14-19 years old

    Team size: 2-3 students guided by a coach/ mentor

    Hardware: Free choice

    Software: Free choice

    Maximum size: Max. 30 x 20 x 30cm

    Characteristics: Advanced robotics following current research trends.

    With WRO® Future Engineers we created an exciting category for older students. With this new format, we want to bring the current research challenge into schools and teach students an engineering workflow by solving real-world-problems. Teams can use any robot, controller and materials that are in line with the regulations.

    The game changes every 3 or 4 years and the current game is all about autonomous driving. The challenge is to build a robot with a steering drive that can drive around a track autonomously. Each year little changes are introduced to motivate the students to keep on developing their robots.


    Format and Competition Dates:

    Robot Run:

    Future Engineers Robot Run9th September 2022 (PM)

    The format of the competition is adapted from the international WRO Future Engineers. Details of the scoring mechanism can be found in the WRO Future Engineers 2022 – General Rules document.

    DOWNLOAD WRO® Future Engineers Challenge Booklet here!

    03 WRO Future Engineers (Revised on 15 July 2022)


    DOWNLOAD WRO® Future Engineers Challenge Playmat here!



    Check out the recorded webinar and slides below.

    WRO Future Engineers Webinar Slides


  • NRC Junior Robotics (WeDo)

    Age: 6-10 years old

    Team size: 2-3 students guided by a coach/ mentor

    Hardware: LEGO® based

    Software: Free choice3

    Maximum size: Max. 30 x 20 x 30cm

    Characteristics: A rules based competition where students design, build and program a robot that will solve missions on a playfield.

    The normal WRO® RoboMission General Rules apply for NRC Junior Robotics (WeDo) competition.

    All parts of the robot, including controller, motors and sensors must be from LEGO® (LEGO Education WeDo 2.0 Core Set, Spike Essential).

    Note: NRC Junior Robotics was called WeDo until 2021.


    Format and Competition Dates:

    Presentation + Robot Run:

    NRC Junior Robotics (WeDo)30th August 2022

    DOWNLOAD NRC Junior Robotics (WeDo) Challenge Booklet here!

    NRC Junior Robotics Challenge Booklet (Revised on 16 August 2022)


    DOWNLOAD NRC Junior Robotics (WeDo) Challenge Playmat here!

    NRC Junior Robotics (WeDo) Challenge Playmat


    Check out the recorded webinar and slides below.

    NRC Junior Robotics Webinar Slides


  • NRC Preschool (New!)

    Level: K1 - K2 (5-6 years old)

    Team size: 2-5 students guided by max 2 coaches/mentors

    Hardware: KUBO

    Software: KUBO

    Characteristics: A mission-based competition where students code and design a robot to solve missions on a playfield.

    NRC Preschool is our inaugural Preschool National Robotics Challenge. Our theme for this year is My Robot, My Friend. Learn the fundamentals of coding whilst completing missions around our community with Kubo, our robot friend.

    Format and Competition Dates:

     Date Location
    Presentation 23rd - 24th August 2022 Online (Zoom)
    Competition 31st August 2022 Science Centre (Marquee)
    Prize Presentation 10th September 2022 Science Centre (Annexe)

    DOWNLOAD NRC Preschool Challenge Booklet here!

    NRC Preschool Challenge Booklet

    DOWNLOAD NRC Preschool Challenge Playmat here!

    NRC Preschool Playmat

    Stay tuned for more details!
    Contact us for enquiries at


    Check out the recorded webinar and slides below.

    NRC Preschool Webinar Slides

  • CoderZ Coding Challenge

    Age: Primary: 8-12 years old | Secondary: 13-16 years old

    Team size: 6 students

    Characteristics: Online points-based competition

    Part of Amazon Cyber Robotics Challenge, CoderZ teams will log into the portal accessible via a browser and start coding their virtual robot to accomplish tasks. There will be two main Challenges and a series of Missions leading up to the Challenges.

    The competition is a one-day event with no preparations required by teams. Teams will undergo a training session in the morning of the competition day. In the afternoon, teams will be given access to the Challenges and Missions to score as many points as possible.

    Additional self-learning resources

    In partnership with Amazon as part of the Amazon Cyber Robotics Challenge, participants can create a free CoderZ account to practice coding on the Amazon Cyber Robotics Challenge platform in preparation for the competition.

    Account creation (for individuals):

    1) go to

    2) click on “start now” under Amazon Cyber Robotics Challenge

    3) scroll down and click on “create individual student account”

    Account creation with class code (for teachers):


    Format and Competition Dates:

    Recap of CoderZ for Primary school 5th September 2022 (AM)
    Competition for Primary category 5th September 2022 (PM)
    Recap of CoderZ for Secondary school 6th September 2022 (AM)
    Competition for Secondary category 6th September 2022 (PM)

    DOWNLOAD CoderZ Coding Challenge Challenge Booklet here!
    06 CoderZ Coding Challenge Booklet

    For more information, kindly visit Amazon Cyber Robotics Challenge organised by Science Centre Singapore.

    A sneak peak of the Amazon Cyber Robotics Challenge Platform:



    Check out the recorded webinar below.


  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    General FAQ

    Question Answer
    1.Can I get tickets as a bystander to view the competition? There is no need for bystander tickets to view the competition, walk-ins are allowed. There is a designated zone for the audience to sit and view the competition. However, if you are inviting a large group audience, please inform Science Centre via
    2.Any vaccinated differentiated measures in place?

    We have spaced out our presentation and robot run schedules over the course of two weeks from 29th Aug to 10th September. As our event has less than 500 participants at any one time, Vaccination-Differentiated SMMs is not required for all participants.

    For more information on Science Centre Singapore's COVID-19 Advisory, please refer here <>.
    For more information on MOH’s Information on Vaccination-Differentiated Safe Management Measures (SMMs), please visit
    3.Will there be another webinar or more details for the presentation? Each category has only one webinar for the challenge announcement. The webinar is available in the tabs above for viewing.
    4.Can I register for more than one category? Is there a maximum no. of teams each school can register for? Yes, if the dates are not overlapped. There is no maximum no. of teams a school can register.
    5.If we are registering as a private team, what do we put under the school name? You can indicate it as “independent” or “private”.
    6.Can we pay the registration fee by e-invoice? Is there any other method of payment? We only accept credit card payments through our registration platform.
    7.Can a coach/mentor be repeated for multiple teams? Yes.
    8.When is the latest cut-off for registration? Registration opens from 1st May to 31st July 2022.
    9.Is there any preparation class at Science Centre? There are no preparatory classes from SCS.

    WRO® RoboMission (Regular) FAQ

    Question Answer
    WRO® RoboMission (Regular) – Playfield/Run
    1. What is the colour of the side panels of the board that holds the playfield? It is not confirmed at this point, but they are typically of a single colour. Color of these should not matter (they are there to prevent robots from falling off and getting damaged).
    2. The ladybug is to be moved away from its position. Can the ladybug be shifted to the robot start point at end of the mission? Does this consider valid and award points? Technically, yes. Following the rules, as long as ladybug is completely outside route area (black, white, green areas) and standing, 5 points will be awarded. Please note ladybug must be on the play field (no points if ladybug is picked up and remains on robot). 
    3. How tall will the wall of the playfield be? In General Rules, the minimum height is 5 cm.
    4. For the secondary category, how the water will be required to put out the fire? Placing a water object in the correct room (room with fire object) accomplishes the task (max. 1 water object per room) See page 11-12 Secondary Category Game Rules.
    5. What is the time allowed to work on surprise rule? When/if will they be introduced during prelim/finals? What is the format? Surprise rules introduced at beginning of each game day. Participants will have approximately 2hrs to work on it.
    6. How many teams will be sharing a single playfield on the day of competition? Depends on number of registered teams in total.
    7. For junior/secondary category, when will the starting base be released? Is it possible for it to be changed during the day? This is referring to Secondary category randomization of start area. Will be informed at start of day. Please also note that for this category, start and end areas are different – see page 10 of Game Rules for Secondary.
    8. How many runs will each team get for qualifying round? How many trial runs will each team get? General Rules, Section 8 & 9. A number of practice runs, followed by actual robot run. Note that each robot run is 2 mins.
    Practice runs is constrained by practice time given, which is in the region of 10-15 mins per team.
    9. Is the Service Point model glued to the playing mat? No. Note that service point (primary category) base needs to remain entirely within grey area. Page 8, Primary Game Rules.
    10. Can the team’s coach/mentor be with the teams during the time to work on surprise rule? No. Randomization and surprise rules are meant to test participants’ ability to adapt, and to gauge to what extent they have understood and learnt the principles of their robots’ operations. Gen Rules, page 12.
    11. Is Spike Prime core set enough for the competition? Robot abilities will be limited but it is up to the team.
    12. Do teams need to dismantle their robots during the Grand Finals robot game? No.
    13. Where can we download or purchase the playfield mat? You may purchase the playfield mat via the distributors.
    For downloading of the mat, you can refer to WRO website
    2022 Season - WRO Association (
    Under: GAME FIELD
    WRO® RoboMission (Regular) – Robot
    1. Can we use nxt sensors? Yes. Gen Rules page 9 allows.
    2. Can we rebuild our robot after the presentation if we decide to make another design for the robot before the robot run? Yes. The design and engineering process is reiterative!
    3. Will it be legal for us to bring extra materials to be placed on our robots for the run? Depends on what participant means by “extra materials”. Only materials stated in General Rules allowed.
    4. Can you confirm that hitechnic sensors is allowed (with ev3), as mentioned in the international rule? Gen Rules page 9: HiTechnic color sensors are allowed.
    5. Are cloning robots allowed? Not allowed. See RoboMission challenge booklet point 3: Responsibilities and team’s own work.
    6. Is there any limitation for motor? Gen Rules page 9: number of motors or sensors not limited.
    7. Can robot inventor 51515 be used? NRC website says yes Yes. Item #51515 is the Lego Mindstorms Robot Inventor. Gen Rules page 9 table allows.
    8. Is there a limit to how much cameras I could build for the robot? No.
    9. Can Lego Spike be used to build the robot? No. Participant probably asking about Spike Essential: not allowed as not in list, page 9, Gen Rules.
    10. Can I build a robot which has 2 or more Lego Brains? No. Gen Rules page 9. Only 1 controller.
    11. Can the participants bring robots pre-assembled? Will there be dismantling of robots? We do not require robots to be assembled on the spot during competition. You may bring pre-assembled robots.
    WRO® RoboMission (Regular)– Presentation
    1. For the presentation, are we using physical or digital poster? Up to participant’s choice.
    2. Will there be a playfield in the presentation venue? Yes.
    3. Do we need to show codes in presentation? Gen Rules page 16: Scoring for Presentation: under Programming, if participants are able to show that they have fulfilled the criteria, points will be awarded accordingly.
    4. Do we need to have a physical 3D robot for the presentation, or can it be 2D? Participant’s choice. Again, as it is on-site competition, having actual robot (instead of “2D” graphic of robot, we presume?) helps judges’ scoring.
    5. Will other participants be there to view our presentation live in the presentation room? No.
    6. Is it fixed slot for presentation? Yes, schedule will be drawn up.
    7. Can teams remove their masks during presentation? No (although rules will adhere to local measures and hence subject to any updates)
    8. Is the presentation round also at Science Centre? Yes.
    9. Apart from showcasing their physical robot for robot game, is the team expected to present on their robot game strategy, robot design, build and coding process? Yes. The processes are important for judges to gauge participants’ learning journey. It also helps to demonstrate originality of work i.e., not just a solution given by mentor.  
    10. How will the presentations be conducted? Judges go from table to table for each team? Presentations are conducted in rooms, with judges and students in the room. Screens and VGA/ HDMI cables will be provided for presentation projections.
    11. Under the Presentation of the robotic solution, is it referring to:
    a. the robotic solution to the garden problem the team is presenting on?  OR
    b. the development process of robot designing, building, and coding their robot for robot game? 
    Both. Participants should showcase both their developmental processes as well as the solution. For example, they could even show how certain versions have failed, and how they eventually decided on the particular solution they’re presenting.
    WRO® RoboMission (Regular) – Others
    1. When can we go to the venue to calibrate and test our robots on the field conditions? There will be practice runs on the actual robot run days.
    2. Where will the robot competition take place? Science Centre Singapore.
    3. Does it means qualifier round will need to come 2 times for presentation and robot run? Yes, once for presentation, once for robot run. If team qualifies for finals, there’ll be an additional 2 sessions.
    4. Any differences between WRO international rules and SG rules? Yes, slight variations.
    5. For the actual day of robot run, is there lunch break for the participants? Is there designated area to eat? Will there be any meals we can buy from NRC? Yes. Cafeteria at the Science Centre operates (except for competition day 29th August, Monday). There are also other restaurants in the Science Centre. More options are available a short walk away in Jurong East Central.  
    6. Do you select winners from performance or the championship to represent Singapore? Yes.
    7. When will we know our allocated timeslot/date for the qualifiers? When will the schedules for robot run and presentation be out? Shortly after end of registration period.
    8. Can teams bring mobile phones or surrender them during competition? Can we use them to record our presentation and robot run? Safekeeping phone by organisers or own teachers? Recommended to keep mobiles/ valuables with teachers/ mentors/ parents. If not possible, organizer will assist.
    9. Can spectators and parents come to watch the event? Do they need to pay entrance fee to watch? No entrance fee for NRC (but entrance fees to Science Centre applies).
    Watching of presentations – No.
    Watching of robot runs is ok.

    WRO® Future Innovators (Open) FAQ

    Question Answer
    WRO® Future Innovators (Open) - Presentation
    1. Is it possible to do a PowerPoint presentation? Yes, the use of PowerPoint to support your presentation is allowed. Display monitors are not provided however, please bring your own.
    2. Is there projectors provided? No projectors will be provided.
    3. Is there any size limit for the robot? No size limit for the robot.
    4. How long do we have to decorate the walls? There will be 2 hours before lunch for presentation set up. Presentations are scheduled after lunch from 1 pm onwards.

    WRO® Future Engineers FAQ

    Question Answer
    WRO® Future Engineers – Playfield
    1. Where can we download or purchase the WRO playfield mat? You may purchase the playmat via the distributors.
    For downloading of mat, you can refer to WRO website
    2022 Season - WRO Association (
    Under: GAME MAT FILE
    WRO® Future Engineers – Robot Run
    1. For the qualifier rounds, is there a time limit or we are judged based on time? Each run will be max 3 minutes.

    NRC Junior Robotics (WeDo) FAQ

    Question Answer
    NRC Junior Robotics - Robot
    1. Can we use Spike essential set? Only WeDo 1.0, WeDo 2.0, and Spike Essential will be allowed
    2. Can we use a combination of Spike and Wedo? These 2 sets are not compatible with each other
    3. Can we use a combination of Wedo 1.0 and 2.0? These 2 sets are not compatible with each other
    4.  It has been specified that all parts of the robot must be from LEGO® (LEGO Education WeDo 2.0 Core Set). Will this be strictly adhered to? The controllers, motors, and sensors used to assemble the robot must be from the LEGO Education WeDo 2.0 Core Set or Spike Prime set.  Any LEGO branded non-electrical/non-digital elements can be used in the construction of the robot.
    5. Can 2 teams share the same WeDo robot with different programming and approach? No. Each team should be responsible for its own robot (building and programming). 
    6. What is the max size of the robot? Does the loose attachment consider in dimension?  The maximum robot dimensions before the robot start a run are 250 mm x 250 mm x 250 mm. 
    Cables must be included in these dimensions.  
    After the robot has started, the dimensions of the robot are not restricted.
    The robots will have to be placed with all wheels on a level location and touching the surface for the sizing to be done. 
    NRC Junior Robotics – Playfield/Game kit
    1. When can we purchase the playfield mat and the game kit? Do we need to buy them? The softcopy will be available for download on the NRC webpage. For purchase, you can approach any of the companies that will be able to provide.
    2. In the playfield mat, there is a dark black square, can the robot cross into the square to reach circles 2 and 3? Yes.
    3. Why is the playfield mat seems to be split in half with 2 separate starting points? 2 teams may be sharing the playmat, depending on the sign-ups and schedule.
    4. Are the obstacles allowed to be placed on any of the spots on the mat? Obstacles (grey walls) are placed on the grey boxes on the playmat.
    5. Do we need to build the obstacles, animals, or sensors and bring them? For the competition days, these objects will be with the playfield.
    6. What happened if the robot crosses over to the other half of the playfield? No penalty will be incurred unless it disrupts the other competitors. The referees will call for an end of the run if such a situation occurs.
    NRC Junior Robotics – Robot Run
    1. For each mission, do we get 120 seconds to practice and 2 attempts? Each mission run will be up to 120 seconds. For practice, there will be a schedule for teams to practice in the morning when they arrive.
    2. How much time is given for the teams to code and prepares for the secret mission? Coding and practice will happen concurrently, with up to 2 hours for the teams to code their robots.
    3. Can we use more than 1 robot at a time? For e.g., run 2 robots concurrently Yes (8.1). However, all robots will have to conform to the size below.  Any number and combination of controllers (Smarthubs), motors, and sensors are allowed
    The team can program a swarm to control too. 
    NRC Junior Robotics - Presentation
    1. During the presentation portion, are the kids allowed to carry the script with them? Do they need to prepare presentation slides? Yes. However, do note that they might be marked down for presentation skills. No presentation slides are needed, as judges will be roaming to talk to the teams in a more casual setting.
    NRC Junior Robotics - Others
    1. Will there be any tablets provided to code in Wedo/Spike? Nope. Teams will have to bring their own tablet and robots to do their coding.

     NRC Preschool FAQ

    Question Answer
    NRC Preschool - Team Registration
    1. Is there a minimum team size? Yes, a minimum of 2 participants to 1 coach is required to register for the Preschool category.
    2. Can there be a mixed team (K1 and K2) in a team? Yes, each team can consist of members aged 5 – 6.
    3. Where will the on-site competition be held? It will be held at Marquee, Science Centre Singapore.
    NRC Preschool - KUBO-related
    1. When can we purchase the mat? What is the dimension of the mat? One mat will be provided to each team. The mat is 100cm*100cm. The playable area will be 80cm*80cm, with each grid being 4cm*4cm.
    2. Can I use more than 1 robots to complete the missions? The entire competition round can only be completed using 1 set of KUBO and 1 set of Coding+
    3. Who can go for the Kubo training on 22nd July? The training is reserved for coaches only. Each team can send up to 2 coaches to attend the training.
    4. Do we have to purchase KUBO sets? One set of KUBO starter sets and KUBO Coding+ will be rented for free to each team. Teams will be required to return the rented sets in good condition at the end of the competition.

     CoderZ Coding Challenge FAQ

    Question Answer
    CoderZ - Account
    1. Are we able to use the free account? Yes, in partnership with Amazon as part of the Amazon Cyber Robotics Challenge, participants can create a free CoderZ account to practice coding on the Amazon Cyber Robotics Challenge platform in preparation for the competition.
    Account creation (for individuals):
    1) go to
    2) click on “start now” under Amazon Cyber Robotics Challenge
    3) scroll down and click on “create individual student account”
    2. Is there a demo account for students to practice on? Same as above
    3. My school is signing up CoderZ accounts, should we sign up Cyber robotics pack or Spike prime pack for CoderZ? Depending on the student's age and coding experience, the various CoderZ module packs are suited for different levels.
    CoderZ Adventure (Spike Prime): Novice, 15hours (Primary)
    Cyber Robotics 101: Beginners, 20-25hours (Primary)
    Cyber Robotics 102: Intermediate, 20-25hours (Secondary)
    4. How much is the individual student account for CoderZ inclusive of GST? Schools will need to purchase at least 30 students’ accounts for 12 months usage ($36 incl GST per student)
    Alternatively, for individuals student, you may sign up for our upcoming CoderZ Preparatory workshop which includes a 3-hours online training and a 3-months CoderZ account ($38 incl GST per pax)
    5. Does every students need to get an account? For a team of 6, do we just need 1 account or 6 accounts? CoderZ accounts are not meant for sharing, each student will need to have a CoderZ account each.
    CoderZ - Challenge
    1. Can we use our chromebooks for the CoderZ? Yes, CoderZ platform is compatible for use on Chromebook
    2. What is the link for practicing CoderZ? Same as above
    3. Is the competition online or at Science Centre? The CoderZ competition will be held online via Zoom
    CoderZ - Workshop
    1. Will we have an estimated timeline for the workshop in the morning? CoderZ Competition Timeline:
    8am - 930am: Opening Ceremony
    930am - 1030am: Recap of CoderZ
    1030am - 1045am: Break
    1045am - 12pm: Continue Recap
    12pm - 1pm: Lunch Break
    1pm - 4pm: Competition Challenge
    4pm - 5pm: Winning teams are determined
    CoderZ - Registration
    1. Can I register as a private team even though I am joining from my school? Yes you can register as a private team
    2. Can a child take part in Robomission and CoderZ if there is a time clash? Yes. Do drop us an email if you intend to do so. We will schedule your Robot Run and CoderZ Competition days differently.
    CoderZ - Others
    1. Is it mandatory to join all the competitions? No it is not mandatory to join all the competitions, you may wish for the category that interests you the most.
    2. If we are in a school team, is the fee waived? No the registration fees will not be waived


About NRC

Since 1999, Science Centre Singapore has been organizing The National Robotics Competition (NRC) with support from the Ministry of Education, various partners and sponsors. To date, the competition has attracted more than 60,000 participants and 240,000 supporters.

NRC spurs interest and innovation offering students an opportunity to apply what they learnt in school and experience STEM hands-on through interactive and meaningful experiences. In the process, students develop skills such as problem solving, entrepreneurial dare, creative thinking and team spirit.

This year, the Centre will be back to launch a hybrid competition with fully on-site robot runs, held from 23 August 2022 to 10 September 2022, at Science Centre Singapore.

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