UNTAME Day has ended. We will be back in 2023!

Check out our UNTAME 2022 Day & After Dark highlights below!

Hello Agent. The Void has enveloped our world with darkness, and we need your help! You are invited to join our STEMling Agent Recruitment. Here are the details of your mission.

Held at Science Centre Singapore from 10am to 5pm, UNTAME Day features an exciting, limited time only event, where guests can put their speed and wits to the test.

Bringing to life a truly gamified experience, join in the fun at the Centre as it transforms into METANU an immersive game world. Register to be a STEMling Agent and hone your skills to defeat The Void that has consumed the Science Centre. Complete all missions to collect points and win prizes!

Mission #1: Living Space

Take a dive through the deep dark ocean! Source for items to protect yourself against unknown substances!


Mission #2: Outer Space

There are multi-verses in this world. Navigate through the maze and look out for bonus items on your journey. Be careful not to let the optical illusion warp & distort your vision!


Mission #3: Cyber Space
One truth, two lies... Beware of your foes and identify your allies.


Mission #4: Inner Space
There is a tear in the fabric of reality! Put your focus to the test and overcome this obstacle in a single move. Avoid sounding the alarm and attracting unwanted attention lurking in the corners...


Mission #5: Target Shooting
Hallucinations have clouded your mind, eliminate all your targets before you run out of time!



Those who prefer more laidback activities can enjoy film screenings from the Science Film Festival collection by the Goethe-Institut Singapur or stroll through a flea market where families can expect to find a whole selection of handcrafted and sustainable goods.

Stay tuned for updates on UNTAME 2023!

For enquiries, reach us at UNTAME@science.edu.sg