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In the year 2123, food scarcity has led to alternative food sources becoming the norm...

Welcome to The M.A.R.T., your exclusive alternative food provider! A maze of possibilities awaits as you prove your value and earn your rations. Play YOUR part in the future of food today!

In an immersive maze experience, guests will visit The M.A.R.T - a fictional alternative supermarket where they will navigate through activity stations, solve puzzles, and discover hidden clues to earn stamps and redeem rations. The maze features a range of photo-worthy installations, such as how the future of food could look like and a radioactive garden, as well as out-of-the-norm food and drink options such as cooked insects, and artisanal beverages made from upcycled ingredients by CRUST Group.

UNTAME Xtreme ticket holders aged 18 and above will also uncover a sinister twist through a hidden escape room-style section.

Play your part in the Future of Food!

It does not end there, find clues hidden around the Science Centre to hunt for the Mastermind of the M.A.R.T, to receive a prize*.
*First Come First Serve

Don't miss out on the event of the year! Click here to buy your tickets now and join us for an unforgettable experience! 


Venue Science Centre Singapore  
Event Period 24 Nov to 2 Dec 2023 
Day/Time Monday to Thursday 

10am to 5pm

(Open to Public)

 Friday to Sunday 

10am to 5pm 

(Open to Public)


6pm to 10pm 

(Open to ages 18 and above

Standard Pass (General Public):

  • Monday to Sunday, DAY: 10am to 5pm

Xtreme Pass (18+ Only):

  • Monday to Sunday, DAY: 10am to 5pm
  • Friday to Sunday only, NIGHT: 6pm to 10pm

The M.A.R.T (General Public Zone/ 18+ Xtreme zone):


Check out our UNTAME Onsite 2023 highlights below!

UNTAME Dining Experience

Are you ready to embark on a dining experience that defies convention? If you have the heart of a daredevil and a passion for culinary exploration, then this unique concept is tailor-made for you.  In our dining experience, "The Food Choose You", the traditional menu takes a backseat. Here, you don't pick your dish - instead, the food chooses you based on a daring choice you make at the outset.


Tickets are sold separately. Does not include UNTAME Event Experience or Science Centre entry.
The same price applies for both lunch and dinner. Each ticket entitles one 3-course meal set and exclusive entry to the themed tent with entertainment at selected timings.
** (Lunch is available everyday Mon to Sun during the event period; Dinner is available only from Fri to Sun during the event period).

UNTAME Dining Experience + Food Truck (General Public): 

  • Monday to Sunday, DAY: 10am to 5pm
  • Friday to Sunday only, NIGHT: 6pm to 10pm

Tickets can be found here.


Science Centre Singapore is not obligated to provide ingredient or allergen information. If you have allergies, please exercise caution as the food may contain traces of nuts and dairy.

Some possible food you might get to enjoy


Sustainable Bolognese


Benevolent Bolognese

Waffle-licious Meatless Burger

Waffle-Licious Meatless Burger

VeggieMate Pizza

Veggie-Mate Pizza

Great Balls of Soya

Great Balls of Soya 



Get ready for an unforgettable dining experience! At our event, you will be treated to a feast for the senses. Enjoy live performances that include sensational singing, mesmerizing magic, and thrilling circus acts.

Check out our schedule below to plan your visit:

1pm to 2pmRADMagic 
2pm to 3pm BubbleGirlFirdausFirdaus BubbleGirlBubbleGirl
7pm to 8pmJason Yu Karena FirdausJason Yu Jason Yu 
8pm to 9pmRADMagicRADMagic 


For enquiries, reach us at