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 We are working on the next edition of UNTAME. See you in 2023!

UNTAME is our annual immersive, blended festival designed to spotlight the power of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)! Through an edutaining mix of activities, UNTAME calls for our guests to let free and be bold in their discovery of STEM.
RECAP: What went down in UNTAME 2022?

UNTAME 2022: Spaces to Places was about taking ownership of and redefining the spaces around us, transforming them into places with new meaning and purpose as we return to a new sense of normalcy in this post-pandemic era. 

Our guests embarked on a journey across four key spaces – living space (sustainability), outer space (astronomy), cyber space (digital and artificial intelligence), and inner space (mental health and wellness) – through a series of exciting activities including STEM-themed quests, online missions, sensory shows, games, DIY kits, activity trails and an after-dark fiesta!

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Check out the highlights of our four-part extravaganza in the pages below!

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