Note: The Scientist for a Day exhibition will be closed on 4 Jun to facilitate exhibition refresh. However, its other activities and programmes will continue.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.


SCS Sensory Info (Scientist For A Day Exhibition)




Be a scientist for a day at our discover-it-yourself laboratory! Move through the stages of the Scientific Method guided by our facilitators, volunteers and when available, guest scientists.



Paper Chromatography

Discover the hidden colours! With paper chromatography, you will get to dip, dab and watch as the colors spread and separate right before your eyes. It is like creating your own colourful masterpiece!



Dive into the world of magnets! Discover the different characteristics of magnets and visualise the magnetic fields using iron filings. Oh yes, do you know that the Earth is a giant magnet too? 

The Scientific Method

Join us at our laboratory as you are lead through various simple but thought-provoking experiments using the Scientific Method! 

Steps of the Scientific Method:

  1. Make observations 
  2. Think of a question 
  3. Research the topic 
  4. Make a hypothesis
  5. Plan the experiment
  6. Conduct the experiment 
  7. Record the data 
  8. Analyse the data
  9. Make a conclusion