SCS Sensory Info (Dialogue With Time Exhibition)




Reconsider how you understand old age by learning more about the ageing process with our senior guides.

This is an exhibition on ageing.

This fully-guided experience is facilitated by retirees who will lead you through, explaining the exhibits and starting discussions on some of the stereotypes or assumptions around old age.

Other interactive exhibits within the exhibition also allow you to experience and understand more about the ageing process and reconsider your perception of age. 



Sorting of tablets 

Tasks that require listening and execution take longer as we age. Try this challenge station which is stacks of fun and a lot harder than it looks! You’ll definitely have a lot more empathy for the aged after attempting this!

Dialogue with Time

Pink Room

In this room, visitors can listen to five videos, featuring short stories of active senior citizens and the experiences gained in their later years. These centre around topics such as “Finding Love Online” and “Re-employment of Seniors” aimed to help adopt a positive attitude towards ageing.