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Explore our living laboratory of plants and animals in their habitats. See how they live in an environment that we have kept as natural as possible.

The Ecogarden, short for ecology garden, is a living outdoor laboratory.  The plants here receive no special care. No attempt is made to control pests except for occasional pruning, mowing and necessary replanting. This provides an excellent setting for ecological studies. From our local king of fruits, the durian, to the common vegetables that you get in the market, take a walk around nature and discover more about the plants that you commonly see.



Tree House

Offering many elements of play and discovery like refuge, height, and physical challenge, this Tree house provides a gateway back to nature. Admire the panoramic view from atop!


Sweet Potato Plant

A popular plant, the sweet potato is often eaten as a snack. Its leaves are used in vegetable dishes and its roots are used to make tonics. Don’t miss the chance to check it out and many other plants at the Ecogarden!