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GingerLily @ FM is closed for maintenance until further notice.
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KidsSTOP™ entrance closure

KidsSTOP™ Car Pouch Area, Critters Room & Playmaker Studio will be closed from 27 to 30 May for KidsSTOP™ Mess-ive Science Party set-up.
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SCS Sensory Info (Know Your Poo Exhibition)




Know Your Poo is a seriously fun exhibition that touches on the topics of human waste, toilets, and sanitation!

As you wind your way through the exhibition, you will discover how and why we need to poo. You also learn about the history and evolution of sanitation and toilets.

The exhibition also highlights the urgent issue of the global divide. It then shows how engineering solutions might answer some of these challenges. Know Your Poo serves as a reminder that we all need to pay attention to the importance of providing good sanitation and practising good habits in order to safeguard our health and be a better society.



To Flush or Not To Flush?

Have you ever flushed your pet fish down the toilet bowl? You may not be the only one! However, there are things you just should not flush down the loo. Challenge yourself to identify things you should or should not flush down the toilet bowl.


How Well Do You Poo?

Uncover what makes you poo and what affects your poo? Did you know that a doctor developed a chart to help patients describe their bowel movement known as the Bristol Stool Chart? Come and compare your poo against it.


Cheeky Fart Chamber

Encounter a chamber of surprises where secret whispers narrate why we fart and what makes fart smelly.


Singapore Story

What was it like to go to the toilet 60 years ago in Singapore? Take a journey back in time to see how Singapore has progressed from open defecation to the night soil truck to modern-day toilets in this section.


Royal Throne

This may not be the only Instagram-able spot in our exhibition, but this one is all about you! Let your hair down and have fun with this scene! Come play the part of Queen or King as you pose on the porcelain Royal Throne with your friends or family.