Maintenance notice

GingerLily @ FM is closed for maintenance until further notice.
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KidsSTOP™ entrance closure

From 27 to 30 May, please enter KidsSTOP™ through the Science Centre's main entrance as the KidsSTOP™ drop-off point and carpark will be closed for event set-up.
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SCS Sensory Info (Phobia Exhibition)




Face your fears in an exciting journey of self-discovery. Understanding and managing fear can be entertaining!

What is there to fear? Embark on a journey of self-discovery and find out what phobia really is. 

Welcome to the award-winning exhibition that explores the topic of fear, from its historical and cultural significance to the psychology and physiology of fear and how it affects our daily lives. Be prepared for something different and perhaps learn to better manage your own fears!



Buried Alive

Before the age of modern medicine, when the diagnosis of death was less accurate, coffins were often fitted with a bell-rigged device above-ground. Should a person awake from the dead (for those mistakenly buried alive), they would alert mourners of their ghastly plight.


Public Speaking

This Exhibit is temporarily unavailable.

Gain confidence through a simulated public speaking scenario in front of an audience! Difficulty concentrating, dry mouths, trembling hands and reduced field of vision are all inclusive!