Learning Designed For All logo-01Using the Universal Design for Learning (UDL) framework, which was created to meet the needs of every child, we have curated special activities for our guests to engage in and make the most of their visits.

CURIOUS Explorer Programme

At KidsSTOP™, we believe in providing an inclusive environment for all children to play and learn together. Our exhibits are designed to introduce concepts of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) through thematic zones where children can engage in collaborative learning and interactive play.

The CURIOUS Explorer programme is specially curated based on a child's inquisitive nature to learn. Structured around different themes, children will work in small groups at different activity stations and be given the opportunity to engage in multi-sensory experiences to understand science concepts, guided by our dedicated educators.

Through enthralling experiments and demonstrations, we aim to make learning positive, enjoyable and impactful for all groups of children!
  • Chemistry – Cool Chem Lab (Onsite)

    Age: 4 - 6 years old

    Duration: Approx. 45 mins

    Cost: $16 per student (minimum 15 pax, maximum 22 pax per session) 


    Be a young chemist today and learn about chemical reactions through fun science experiments!

    Includes 2 hands-on activities and demonstrations.

  • Physics – Fun with magnets (Onsite)

    Age: 4 - 6 years old

    Duration: Approx. 45 mins

    Cost: $16 per student (minimum 15 pax, maximum 22 pax per session) 


    Discover the science behind magnets! Students will get to make their own magnetic slime and learn to dierentiate magnetic and non-magnetic materials! This programme is also suitable for SPED students.

    Includes 2 hands-on activities and demonstrations.

CURIOUS Explorer Booking

You may book our programmes via the online portal here

For a site recce, please make an appointment with us at kidsstop_prog@science.edu.sg. Kindly note that we only host visits on weekdays (Tuesday - Friday) between 2pm and 5pm.