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Must-Do Activities for an Exciting Day at Science Centre Singapore

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) fields aren’t just boring subjects learned in school. Apart from equipping the younger generation with useful skills and abilities for their future careers, STEM also plays a crucial role in our everyday activities. They are, in fact, the invisible architects of our modern lives, quietly shaping every part of our daily routines. Curious to find out how STEM affects your day-to-day life? We’ll share more with you below. 


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1. Technology

From our smartphones to laptops and even televisions; all these are products of STEM developments. What used to be merely tools for communication are now portals to an interconnected world where we can easily gain new information, keep ourselves entertained, and work more efficiently.

Image of person working on a laptop

STEM also drives the development of applications and software that make our daily lives that much smoother. For instance, online navigation, streaming platforms and touchless payments, empower greater convenience and efficiency by automating several processes that would otherwise be performed manually.

At Singapore Science Centre’s Smart Nation PlayScape, you’ll get to dive deeper into how some of these technologies and innovations were created, how they work, and why they matter so much to our country’s growth. Do give this STEM exhibition a visit if you’re keen to learn more about current and future advancements that will reshape our lives!
Image of medical devices

2. Healthcare

From cutting-edge pharmaceuticals to medical devices, Singapore’s modern healthcare infrastructure relies heavily on STEM principles to remain robust and deliver top-notch patient care. In fact, numerous new medical solutions and processes we experience today wouldn’t be possible if not for STEM education. It contributes to: 

  • The development of advanced medical equipment and technology
  • Medical research and innovation to discover and produce new drugs, vaccines, and therapies
  • Analysing data-driven insights to improve patient outcomes, manage resources, and provide accurate predictions
  • Expansion of telehealth and digital health services to allow patients easy access to healthcare remotely
  • Designing and building modern healthcare facilities equipped with the latest technologies
  • Training and equipping healthcare workers with essential skills and knowledge

3. Transportation

Singapore boasts several renowned infrastructure including our healthcare system and public transportation network, and this is thanks to the STEM principles that are rigorously applied to our transport architecture.

Image of person tapping his card on the bus

Whether you’re travelling around Singapore via your own vehicle or by public transport, many technologies you come into contact with are developed by STEM professionals. For example, the navigation system, the list of bus arrival timings at the bus stop, as well as the hassle-free payment systems onboard public transport. These systems utilise data analytics, machine learning, and advanced sensors to optimise routes, minimise congestion and ensure timely services.

4. Urban Planning

Urban planning in Singapore is all about creating vibrant and sustainable environments where people can live, work, and play comfortably, and it takes a lot of strategising and optimising land use to turn our small island into a thriving metropolis. 


Image of Singapore's skyline

In order to improve our quality of life, the design of green spaces, residential estates, and commercial districts should leverage advanced technologies including data analysis, geographic information systems (GIS), and simulations too. These systems help to ensure that the city is designed for comfort, convenience, safety, and efficiency. 


How has our country been evolving over the years and how will our way of life affect Singapore’s development? Learn all about urban planning and STEM’s influence over at Singapore Science Centre’s Urban Mutations exhibition.

STEM disciplines and the way they drive developments contribute greatly to a country’s growth and enhance the overall quality of life for its residents. As Singapore continues to be a global leader in innovation and technology, the impact of STEM on various aspects of the country’s infrastructure is poised to grow, promising even more exciting changes in the years to come.

6. Ignite Your Passion for STEM at Science Centre Singapore

Image of Singapore Science Centre

Discover a range of STEM exhibitions at the Science Centre Singapore, where you’ll get to learn all about how various STEM disciplines are connected to our everyday lives. Plus, shop a range of fun and quirky STEM toys that will help you learn more about the subject. 


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