Urban Mutations Theatre will be closed from 27th Nov 2022 - 12th Dec 2022 for an event. The exhibit will be open to visitors from 13th Dec 2022 onwards. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.


SCS Sensory Info (Urban Mutation Exhibition)




Explore the changing face of cities. What is your city like? What kind of cities do we want?

Cities are growing at a meteoric rate in our increasingly globalized world. Examine urban changes from a functional, technological, and sociological angle. What is the state of knowledge and representation of cities today? What are some examples of current or planned innovations and initiatives in response to issues facing urban ecosystems? Through this exhibition, visitors are encouraged to reflect on the approach to cities at the beginning of the 21st century.





In this zone, the complexity of the “city” system is dissected into basic components to reveal its hidden workings, and the tensions that can arise. Examine and reflect upon your experience and use of the city as a citizen. 





Explore an array of urban solutions selected for their originality, specificity, or exemplary character. Be amazed by initiatives and innovations undertaken by various cities and their citizens to address the urban challenges that they face.

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