Why We Need Your Support

Science Centre Singapore was set up to promote interest, learning and creativity in science and technology. Today, our mission is even more critical with the progress of scientific research and technological advancements being made at an exponential pace. 

For Singapore to survive amidst such rapid changes, our nation’s youth and work force needs to stay informed and excited about Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). In order to generate this buzz around STEM, we create special events, edutainment, educational programmes, outreach and exhibitions that can stoke our community’s interest.

Although we receive some Government funding, this is insufficient to achieve everything that we do. We rely on the strong support of donors and sponsors to help us achieve our mission. Today, we invite you to join hands with us and grant the gift of knowledge to our future generations.

What Your Support Means

Your contribution will help make a difference to the delivery of STEM+ initiatives in Singapore. It means that we can work closely with schools, other NGOs and industry to provide the best learning and discovery experiences for Singaporeans. 

Your donations provide direct support for quality science and technology education programmes, improving exhibitions and many more educational activities. Gifts of all sizes are crucial to the success of our mission, and there is no gift too small.  

All donors enjoy tax deductions on qualifying amounts in accordance with IRAS guidelines. 

Where You Can Support Our Work

We invite you to contribute towards the following efforts:

Annual Event: National Robotics Competition

National Robotics Competition (NRC) is an annual competition that offers a level playing field for all interested to learn about robotics and programming. 

NRC is envisioned and carried out as a competition which reaches out to the very young (pre-school) all the way to the mature (university undergraduates). The outcomes of this competition are to foster better appreciation for STEM but also to impart values such as gracious ‘coopertition’ – a concept that embodies striving to do your best in the competition but also caring and respecting your peers in the competition. 

Fundraising target: It costs $250,000 annually to run NRC.

Education and Community Awareness Programme – Science of Kindness Musical

The Science of Kindness Musical, titled ‘One Kind of Science’ Musical, is a new collaboration between the Singapore Kindness Movement and Science Centre Singapore. 

Targeted at the very young (pre-schoolers) and their care takers, this educational and entertaining musical by the Kindness and KidsSTOP™ mascots will highlight that being kind pays off. Through a medley of songs and story, One Kind of Science will show that there is also a strong connection scientifically between what we do and how we feel. 


Education Programme – Signature Science Shows

Science Shows are one of Science Centre Singapore’s highlights for guests and showcase some of our best educational activities for kids. Science Shows dramatise science concepts, with characters engaging the audience in fun and innovative ways. 

We strongly believe that staged science shows are essential programmes which demonstrate science concepts that may otherwise be difficult to translate into exhibits. As such, our team of passionate educators aspire to continually reinvent our shows.  

Our Science Shows pull in more than 1,000 guests on weekends and public holidays, with more than 100,000 guests a year enjoying our shows.

We welcome sponsors to work with us to develop our signature shows, promoting entertaining and relevant science to all. These shows could be customised in line with specific themes and important social messages, such as energy conservation or the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Fund raising target: It will cost $50,000 to support these activities for 5 years.

How to Donate


Online donations may be made through the Giving SG portal

Please specify (if any) the project or programme you would like your donation to go towards.  Alternatively, please indicate that your donation is an unrestricted donation. Unrestricted donations give Science Centre Singapore the flexibility to use your donation where it is needed most.

By cheque

Please address your cheque to Science Centre Board.

Send your donations to:

c/o Finance Department
15 Science Centre Road
Singapore 609081

UEN: T08GB0047C

Kindly provide the following details behind the cheque:

For Individual

  • Name
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For Corporate

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We thank you for your generous support in helping us make the experience of science fun and accessible.

Tax deduction will be automatically included in your tax assessment. As such, no receipt will be issued.