The objectives of this scheme are to stimulate interest in science activities among students, enable students to carry out self-directed activities in various disciplines of science, and to provide opportunities for students to develop initiative and creativity.

Annual Submission Period: 19 August 2019 to 20 September 2019.

Who is the scheme for?

Young Scientist badges are designed for all Primary school students.

How to participate

There are 17 different Young Scientist badges that can be earned. The activities may be carried out during your leisure time. On average, one takes about 3 months to complete one activity card.

To earn a badge:

  1. Buy an activity card and carry out the activities listed. The card may be purchased at $2.50 each from Science Centre Singapore’s Curiosity Shop. You may seek advice from your parents or teachers, but you must carry out the activities yourself.
  2. Present the completed activities to your school teacher, who will acknowledge that you have completed the activity. Each completed activity earns you the corresponding number of stars indicated. Parents may also acknowledge the completion of up to 6 stars worth of activities.
  3. Upon earning 15 stars, submit the card to your teacher who will also certify that you have completed the card and a badge will be awarded.

For teachers who wish to purchase the cards in bulk for your students, you may contact

Submission procedure

Students must hand in their cards to their school teachers. We will not accept submissions from individual students.

For teachers:

  • Deadline for submission: 19 August 2019 to 20 September 2019.
  • Collection point: Science Centre Singapore

The badges and certificates can be collected at Science Centre from 30 September 2019 to 8 November 2019 between 10.30am to 4.30pm during weekdays. For further enquiries, kindly contact Mr Jerald Phua at

Young Scientist Badges Available

Young Scientist Badges

Young Scientists' Aid

Here are a few exhibitions at Science Centre that may be helpful while completing the Young Scientist cards.

  • Climate Change - Climate Challenge: helpful for Young Energy Saver and Meteorologist cards
  • Earth, Our Untamed Planet - helpful for Young Geologist card
  • Ecogarden - helpful for Young Ecologist, Entomologist and Water Ambassador cards
  • DNA Trail - helpful for Young Geneticist card
  • Kinetic Garden - helpful for Young Physicist card
  • Marine Alcove - helpful for Young Water Ambassador card
  • Sound Exhibition - helpful for Young Physicist card
  • Stargazing (weekly event) - may be guided on the Young Astronomer card during our weekly stargazing sessions. For updates on events at the Observatory, please refer to our Stargazing page or Facebook. 


Watch out for upcoming events and activities in this space! 

Friday night Stargazing

Join us at our weekly stargazing session and get help from our Science Educators on duty for your Young Astronomer card!

Date: Every Friday, except public holidays

Time: 7.45pm - 10pm

Place: Science Centre Observatory (Omni-Theatre building)

You may visit Science Centre Observatory’s Stargazing page or Facebook page for latest updates regarding the weather and other astronomical events.

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