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Youth Science Ambassador Programme

As part of the Science Centre Singapore’s commitment to the Youth Science Movement, a programme called Youth Science Ambassador Programme was launched in 2019 and will be offered to deserving youths.

Under the programme, students will be trained and mentored to work on a community project. Here is the training schedule for 2021:

MAY/JUN 2021

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
25 26 27 28 May
29 30
311 Jun
Design thinking workshop
Community visit + Masterclass briefing
Learning journey at Amazon Web Services
Science communication workshop
5 6
(Online + Onsite)
(Online + Onsite)
Project work
(Online + Onsite)
Project work
(Online + Onsite)
Project work
(Online + Onsite)
12 13
Project work
(Online + Onsite)
Project work
(Online + Onsite)
Project work buffer
(Online + Onsite)
Project work buffer
(Online + Onsite)
18 19 20
21 22 23 24 25
STEM showcase prep
STEM showcase
28 29 30
  • Graduation Ceremony Preparation (Online): 19 Nov 2021
  • Graduation Ceremony (Online): 20 Nov 2021

About Youth Science Ambassador Programme

The initial training and development takes place in Science Centre Singapore. Students will be mentored through a series of programme that includes:

  • Project research skills
  • Oral presentation and science communication techniques.

The programme culminates in a project presentation. After which, students will apply their skills outside Science Centre Singapore, and into homes, schools and community spaces, where the public will be invited to listen. The youth ambassadors are expected to use their skills in school or community programmes.

Benefits of enrolment

Through the programme, the youth ambassadors will develop and grow the following skills and values:

  1. Increasing their interest and knowledge in a variety of STEM topics.
  2. Ability to interact effectively and communicate science concepts to a range of visitors.
  3. Ability to take an inclusive, welcoming approach and develop relevant social skills.
  4. Sharing their passion for science.
  5. Being positive role models for their peers and younger students in school.

Selection of youths

Youth should be selected based on the following criteria:

  • 14 years old and above
  • Motivated to learn and try new things
  • Responsible for self and others
  • Passionate and generous about sharing
  • Able to commit at least 50 hours of service
  • Able to attend the above training and mentoring sessions

Contact Details:

For further enquiries, please contact:

Programme Coordinator at

We would like to thank the Amazon Web Services for sponsoring the training programme.


AWS InCommunities

Amazon Future Engineer Bursary Award

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