About the event

Tinkerfest is an annual festival that celebrates creativity, innovation and hands-on learning with "FUN-damental" as our theme this year.

Tinkerfest 2023 (E-Poster)


The festival provides a platform for individuals of all ages to explore and experiment with various tools, materials, and technologies to create something new and innovative.


We aim to connect children, parents, educators, and makers in a month-long celebration of joyous learning through play, exploration and experimentation.

Come on down and join us for these specially curated activities this June holidays. Put your innovation skills to the test while exploring!

Activity NameDescription
LED Pixel Art CubeThe basics of a circuit are essential in understanding electronics and how it works. Get hand-on learning with copper tape and light a LED box. Customize the cube to create your own unique visual effects and patterns. 
Scented Badge

Design and create custom badges that reflect your achievements.

Take home the essence of this activity and wear it wherever you go!

Squishy CircuitExplore the world of electronics and circuitry! Manipulate the squishy dough and create unique and imaginative circuit designs.
KaleidocycleTurn a series of tetrahedrons connected by paper folds to explore geometry, spatial reasoning and design.

Chain Reaction

Create a series of simple actions to trigger a chain reaction to achieve a specific goal. This fun and engaging activity foster creativity and promote problem-solving and critical thinking skills. 
Reverse ParachuteChallenge yourself to descent a parachute using the wind's table airflow. Experiment the design of your parachute and the object's weight to achieve your desired outcome. 
Our drop-in activities are free for all and are open from 10:30 am to 12:30 pm and 2:30 pm to 4:30 pm.

Join our Parent and Child workshop during Tinkerfest too! Click here for more information!