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26th Jan 2024, Friday, 6.30pm
Science Café 
Hall A, Science Centre Singapore


A Biodiversity Tale: Singapore's Urban Jungle Unveiled

Celebrate the marvels of biodiversity in Singapore! 

Join us for an unforgettable science café where we'll explore the secret lives of Singapore's charismatic otters, unravel the mysterious world of fungi and learn about how to coexist with wildlife in Singapore. 

Get ready for a captivating journey through the untamed, unexpected, and utterly fascinating aspects of the natural world that thrive right in our midst and discover the hidden gems of urban biodiversity! 

Participants will enjoy an exclusive night viewing of the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition, on loan from the Natural History Museum, London.  

Buffet dinner will be served. Get your tickets now!
Ages 18 and above only.  


sivasothi TEMP photo

Sivasothi N
Senior Lecturer & Fellow, Ridge View Residential College, Department of Biological Sciences, National University of Singapore

Secret Lives of Singapore's Otters
Sivasothi is an educator who loves animals, nature and the environment. A.k.a Otterman, Sivasothi gave himself the moniker to excite kids at talks when he started research about otters in the early 90’s, when the animals were still unfamiliar to Singaporeans. 

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Ng Sze Kiat 
Founder, Bewilder Pte Ltd 

The Magic of Mushrooms
A showcase of the Fungi Kingdom and the various fungal applications in Bewilder’s work.


Jasvic Lye 
Wildlife Advocate, Lens-based Arist 

Death by Man
From a critically endangered Sunda pangolin roadkill to a paradise tree snake trapped in a plastic bag and left for dead, countless wild animals have lost their lives to our urban environment and human activities. Join lens-based artist, Jasvic Lye, as she takes you through her journey of documenting the plight of Singapore's wildlife through photography and evocative stories in her yearslong project entitled 'Death by Man', and learn what we can do to prevent more animals from suffering the same unfortunate fate.

Co-CEO shots CREDIT SINDADSC_7473_cropped

Anbarasi Boopal
Co-CEO, Animal Concerns Research & Education Society (ACRES)

Coexisting with Our Wild Neighbours
A 5am uwu-uwu call or a sight of a slithering python by the bin centre at night - have you always wondered what can YOU as an individual do, to learn and practice coexistence? From expanding nature networks to enhancing our urban spaces to create a liveable environment for both people and wildlife, Singapore is transitioning into a City in Nature. Due to the unique landscape of our nation, human-wildlife interactions are becoming more frequent than ever and we must learn to coexist with our wild neighbours. Gain a better understanding of our urban species and discover simple ways to make coexistence possible.




6:30 pmViewing of Wildlife Photographer of the Year Exhibition
The Wildlife Photographer of the Year is an annual international competition on loan from the Natural History Museum, London.
Buffet Dinner
7:30 pmSecret Lives of Singapore’s Otters
Sivasothi N
7:45 pmThe Magic of Mushrooms
Ng Sze Kiat
8:00 pmDeath by Man
Jasvic Lye
8:15 pmCoexisting with Our Wild Neighbours
Anbarasi Boopal
8:30 pmQ&A and Discussion
9:00 pmEnd