Asia Drone Championship is back, LIVE in full effect in Singapore!

Jointly organized by Science Centre Singapore and Multi-Rotor Association Singapore, the Asia Drone Championship 2022 is an exciting and thrilling drone racing spectacle that features top-tier drone racing from the Asia Pacific.

This competition will be held across two days in an indoor neon-tron-themed race track. They are several categories of FPV freestyle online video submission contests in collaboration with Team BlackSheep for freestyle pilots to participate in.

And of course, a MASSIVE cash prize pool for this year's edition to spice things up and give back to the community!



Pilots can register here.

Registration closing date is 31st October 2022.


For the living rules and documents, click here.

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Fringe Activity

Head down to our Annexe Foyer to try out exciting activities planned out just for you! Open to all visitors! 

19 Nov 202220 Nov 2022
Drone Soccer Drone Tryouts
Slot Car Racing Slot Car Racing
Drone QuizDrone Quiz
Drone Simulator Drone Simulator

** Complete our drone quiz onsite and win attractive prizes!!

Drone SoccerDrone soccer is an exciting new sport where teams pilot quadcopters enclosed in protective spheres, and face-off against each other to try to score more goals while blocking opponents. Try your hand at flying the drone ball and see if you can get it through the hoop!  




Slot Car Racing 2Does Tamiya car racing sounds familiar to you? 

Slot car racing is similar. This is a competitive hobby of racing with powered miniature automobiles which are guided by grooves or slots in the track on which they run. There are many competition format, from competing with the highest number of laps to the fastest to complete a fixed number of laps 


Drone Flying

The drone simulation is a realistic drone simulator for the beginner pilot and for the experienced pilot to practice advanced maneuvers and camera control.

Once confident, try flying the drones and put your skills to the test!