Workshops available throughout the year

 VenueScience Centre Singapore 
 Duration 3 hours (9am – 12pm or 2pm-5pm)
 Min. No. of Participants 15 pax (unless otherwise stated)
 Max. No. of Participants 40 pax (unless otherwise stated)
 CostPlease refer to individual workshop information below (Includes workshop materials, admission into Science Centre and light refreshments for a tea-break)

We are excited to offer you some of our most popular workshops, available all year round. 

How to Register?

  • Gather a minimum of 15 teachers
  • Reserve a session by emailing us at least 3 months before the proposed workshop date. Please provide us with the following details:
    • Proposed date and time
    • Workshop title
    • Number of participants
  • Once your session is confirmed, be ready to have a fun and enriching time!

For further details and enquiries, please email us at

List of Available Workshops

  • Chemistry in Cosmetics
  • Coffee CheMystery
  • Crash course: Art of Tinkering
  • Forensic Science: Every contact leaves a trace
  • Learning by Making
  • Science of Ice Cream

Have other topics in mind? Contact us for more details. 

Learning by Making

In this 3-hour workshop, teachers will be introduced to the principles of constructionism – learning by doing – and go through two activities.

The first activity - take toys apart - explores the "predict, observe, explain" cycle while participants understand the workings of a toy by taking it apart. The workshop will then explore how a tinkering space can be set up to encourage collaborative learning. This will be followed by a short collaborative project where participants build a structure together and learn to fail often, fail fast and learn quickly.  This is a great programme for team building!

Choose among the following topics: 

  1. Make a simple robot with everyday materials
  2. Electronic art
  3. Interfacing with Makey Makey
  4. Chain Reaction machines
Min. No. of Participants Min 10 teachers
Max. No. of Participants  Max 70 teachers

$95/ teacher (at the Science Centre)

$110/ teacher (in school).

Chemistry in Cosmetics

Is it true that only women use cosmetics? It is a common misconception to agree with this. Both men and women use them one way or another. In this workshop, participants will learn the science behind three different types of cosmetics: 

  1. Shower gel
  2. Lip balm
  3. Sunblock

Participants will also investigate and experiment with the products made!

Fee$45/ teacher 
(excludes admission charges for international school teachers)

Forensic Science: Every contact leaves a trace

Forensic science involves many interdisciplinary sciences, all focused toward the solving of a crime. Many TV shows have popularised forensic science through dramas involving crime scene investigation. How much of reality is reflected in these shows? In this workshop, participants will make useful observations and deductions while carrying out forensic techniques such as:

  1. Fingerprinting
  2. DNA Profiling
  3. Ink Chromatography
  4. Forensic entomology
  5. Identification of Blood
Fee$45/ teacher 
(excludes admission charges for international school teachers)

Science of Ice Cream

Everybody loves eating ice-cream. But have you ever wondered about the ingredients that go into making the perfect ice-cream? In this workshop, participants will learn more about the science behind each ingredient and prepare their own ice cream using various freezing methods. 

In this workshop, participants will understand the significance of: 

1) Emulsification
2) Hydrophobic and hydrophilic interactions

You will also experiment with the ingredients provided to make ice-cream to your liking. Join us to have an excuse to “play” with your food!


$45/ teacher

(excludes admission charges for international school teachers)

Coffee CheMystery

Brewing coffee is a never-ending science project. To achieve the perfect cup of coffee, one requires proper technique, precision and knowledge on the factors that affect chemical extraction from coffee beans. 

In this workshop, participants will perform observations and experiments while carrying out coffee brewing techniques such as:

  1. Coffee cupping
  2. Pour-over
  3. Aeropress
  4. Vacuum siphon
  5. French press

Sign up and be a coffee scientist for a day!

 Max. No. of Participants25 pax 
(excludes admission charges for international school teachers

Crash course: Art of Tinkering

This crash course in designing tinkering activities/workshop is to equip students with problem-solving skills through open-ended exploration. Experience the workshop as a learner to better understand how to facilitate these tinkering activities. Tink, tink, tink… Think with your hands. 

The workshop agenda includes:

  • participating as a learner in a tinkering activity
  • debriefing / deconstructing the tinkering activity as an educator
 Max. No. of Participants24 pax 


(excludes admission charges for international school teachers)